Costume :Commander Mars
Source :Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Amecon 2010

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Cost : £5

This amecon I had a lot of trouble deciding what to cosplay. I ended up doing commander mars because i liked her skirt. I regret this now -_-

The wig was from smiffys as I had to keep the price down because of my student debts. Whether it was this, or my lack of ability to do anything particularly craftsmenlike, I had HUGE amounts of trouble styling this wig. I used a while can on hairspray on it, most of which i ended up brushing out a day before the con and starting again.

The rest of the costume was generally simple. I used a top I owned, along with scraps of material I already owned and the boot covers I used for Echo, so the only thing that cost in this cosplay was the wig. I had some trouble sewing the white onto the top, as I was sewing non-stretch material onto a stretchy top, and I've still yet to own a dress form. I may end up making one next time I have to work with stretchy material. It makes life much easier than guessing.


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