Costume :Midna
Variant :Imp version
Source :Legend of Zelda- Twilight Princess
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2011

Costume Photos

Stepping stone

Schwing low.



Midna in Camden


Costume Information

Cost : £40-50
Awards : Not a proper award but it was featured in the first CosplayFever book.
Time Taken : hours... haven't timed it specifically

I chose Midna because she's an interesting character as at first you despise her but then you rely on her.
I would say the hardest part was actually the catsuit as I previously tried painting white onto black<--- super tricky to get even coverage. This is what I then went onto do:~~

Black Spandex catsuit with a chopped off leg and belly. This was worn over a white catsuit so no paint was needed for the leg or body. Also black spandex gloves which reach past the elbow which were then painted with appropriate patterns using teal metallic fabric paint.
I made the wig out of wool because I was totally skint. This is a fairly good option if you are on a budget but I later bought a wig which looks so much better.
The head piece was made from camping mat foam which was then papermache'd and painted. This kind of made it stable yet still lightweight.

This was interesting to wear depending on the temperature as the headpiece would give migraines even though it was light but I'm sure the one eye'd sight had something to do with that. I also wore this in October, as you can imagine I froze. This is a good summer costume although you can never really rely on English weather forecasts.



by Hadoken on Tuesday, 1 June, 2010 - 01:02
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Kyaa, that's so awesome. <3

by JayseVENGEANCE_ on Saturday, 19 June, 2010 - 12:50
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Again!! xD

by Ikkaku-kun on Sunday, 25 July, 2010 - 18:17
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Thanks guise <3

by ladyspuds on Sunday, 25 July, 2010 - 21:22
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very good minda ^^ very good job on the costume overall

by Mothfox on Sunday, 29 May, 2011 - 21:36
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Oh man, looks fricking awesome!!

by LittlePidgey4 on Tuesday, 31 May, 2011 - 23:01
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Oh wow, this is amazing!

by LinkyLex on Tuesday, 16 August, 2011 - 00:41
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Absolutely love this!

by sjbonnar on Friday, 2 March, 2012 - 09:21
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Great costume. You look great.

Thanks for the comment on Jaime.

by Sephirayne on Friday, 16 March, 2012 - 10:47