Costume :Harley Quinn
Source :Batman: The Animated Series
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Harley WIP


Costume Information

Cost : £15
Time Taken : 15 hours

Harley Quinn! Because she is one of my fav characters and she's just as bubbly as me! I am currently re-vamping her for MCM, and I have to say I can't wait till the finished product is done! I am handsewing her, and cutting out everything myself. I also have a prop for her too! My wonderful joke gun! Currently making her hammer too! So I am looking forward to it. Should get some good pictures of her! :D


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To-Do List

Cut out and Sew HeadpieceHighComplete
Cut out and Sew Right CuffHighIn Progress
Cut out and Sew neck pieceHighIn Progress
Sew on DiamondsHighIn Progress


Two days till Expo (Posted 27th May 2010)

Right well it's Thursday, so two days before I will be at the expo, and I have been working on Harley almost non-stop. Apart from....2 hours today to just eat and stop sewing. I have been working on her since yestaday morning, and I have got the main part of the top of her suit, and one leg, almost two sewn together. All that is needed will be the sleeves, and I will sew the gloves onto the sleeves. :D Then the headpiece and white cuffs and neck piece. See they shouldn't take too long, just sewing and cutting. It's taking longer I guess because it's all hand-sewn. I don't mind it, but it's a nightmare. Just hoping that it will all fit me, otherwise I will be upset. I do need to fit into it you know? At least it's getting there, then hopefully I might have chance to make a prop for her other than my bang flag gun. You gotta love it! Might do a test suit up tomorrow once it's all done. Or tonight. Eek! First time I've gotten a cosplay hand-made and done before expo. Shame it will only be the one day I go :( Sad times. Anyways more sewing for me. :D