Costume :Sakura
Variant :Tail coat artbook
Source :Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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I DEFINITELY should STOP adding planned or in progress costumes until I cleared out a majority of costumes, however I noticed that I already have the fabric, skirt, wig, red tights, gloves and shoes, so it's a matter of making the red shirt, black tie and the actual tail coat. Also it's a Sakura costume, how can I refuse to make this? I love the costume design and been meaning to make this years ago, but the amount of wonderful costumes in the Amine/Gamindg world is cruel, too many great costumes in a queue of 10,0000!!!!

I might wear this for London Expo October 10, though not entirely sure if I can afford it, otherwise it will be for a out of Con photoshoot because there are some locations close to my area which I still yet to use for cosplay photoshoots.

I may convince Tsuchinoko and Spirit_of_the_Stage to be my matching Fai and Kurogane respectively.


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YAY one of my faves 8D Cant wait to see
As to Burnup excess Id love you to do Lilica for me <3

by Solaria on Monday, 10 May, 2010 - 09:25
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Lol! No! You must add EVEN MORE Sakura costumes! XD

Anyway, we all know you're going to look fantastic :D

by Lady Bahamut on Monday, 10 May, 2010 - 11:06
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@ NavigatorxNami
Thank you
And I'm willing to do Lilica for you. Whenever you decide to cosplay as Rio just poke me & I'll make sure I start working on the cosplay.

@ Lady Bahamut
Thank you
LOL, I cannot resist adding MORE Sakura cosplays, maybe one day my CI will be SPAMMED full of Sakura's!

by Ichigo-Chan on Tuesday, 11 May, 2010 - 18:44

lol nothing wrong with more Sakura! lol x will look fabulous darling looking forward to seeing it at Amecon xx

by kawaii-kerri on Wednesday, 12 May, 2010 - 17:06
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Thank you Kerri
Unfortunately this will not be for AmeCon because I'm fully booked. I'm planning this for London Expo Oct 10 ^_^ (Hopefully I can afford it)

by Ichigo-Chan on Sunday, 16 May, 2010 - 20:18
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looking forward to this! ;) i think you should cosplay chihiro from spirited away some day! i think you look like her a bit and you would look realyy cute cosplaying her :)

by Fizzykat on Monday, 17 March, 2014 - 12:51

To-Do List

Red shirtHighComplete
Tail coatHighPlanned
ButtonsMediumIn Progress
GlovesLowIn Progress


Shoes (Posted 26th June 2010)

My work shoes which I am using for this cosplay. Sadly, the 4 inch heels killed my feet after standing for such a long period of time that I decide to not wear these shoes for work anymore, but will definitely use it for my Sakura cosplay as I can;t let these go to a waste and I can always change my shoes if my feet are dead. If I ever convince my friend, Tsuchinoko to be a matching Fai, I will probably end up taller then her, so may dig out my Tomoyo shoes even though they are a little worn out 0.o
Shoes are brought from Debenhams for £28

Getting somewhere (Posted 11th May 2010)

Yeah progress.....

Red Shirt (£2.96) ~ I won a red shirt (Topshop) from Ebay for only £0.01, I can't believe no one else bidded on it, but it's a big advantage for me as I'm skint! However I ended up paying £2.96 because the seller charges £2.95 for postage, but nevertheless still a good price. I can't wait for the shirt to arrive through the post ^_^

Shoes (£28) ~ Sadly my CCS Tomoyo shoes are abit worn after wearing it almost everyday to work, so I brought a new pair of shoes for work and ironically it is very similar to Sakura's except the heel is approximately 4 inches high! KILLER HEELS!!! Anyways, I'm not willing to buy a new pair of shoes specially for this cosplay, so will have to go with an inaccurate heel.

Red tights (£4) ~ Tights were brought from New Look years ago. I've been meaning to do this cosplay for such a long time and when finding the perfect red tights, I knew I just had to buy it!

Gloves (£1) ~ I brought 2 of these gloves from Poundland for my Reinforce Zwei cosplay, just incase I messed up a glove. Since my 1st attempt went really well for Rein-Chan, I can use the spare pair for Sakura, although I need to make an slight adjustment.

Skirt (£9.99) ~ I originally brought this skirt for my Yuuki Cross cosplay, however it still works really well for Sakura, so I can save space and money ^_^

Things to do...
~ Tail coat
~ Tie
~ Adjust gloves
~ Buy buttons

Hehe! I am already half way through this cosplay by being LAZY! However, I can not fall into the lazy mode whenever I get round to make the tail coat.