Costume :Hogwarts Student (Retired)
Variant :Ravenclaw
Source :Harry Potter
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2010

Costume Photos

Cookie on a stick

At the Expo

Completed robes


The tie

Skirt and scarf


Shirt and tank top


Costume Information

Cost : £93.69. When you group it together like that it's pretty bad :/
Time Taken : I've been buying the various pieces of costume over the 9 months

I really wanted to cosplay this in October but had problems finding the robes for it. I decided to go for it this time round and have been picking up pieces for it over the past few months for as cheap as I can.
I eventually found the cheapest plain black robes I could from a LARP site and I plan on adding a Ravenclaw patch to them as full robes would cost me over £100 if I were to buy them.

Pleated skirts were also surprisingly hard to find as well. Ones in adult sizes were either very long or very short. School uniform ones were too small. I eventually found one that was suitable after a lot of hours spent on google.

I've gone for the simple sudent look and I haven't chosen a particular character. My costume will be comprised of a plain white shirt, grey tank top, black pleated skirt, tie, tights & shoes and robe. Possibly my scarf as well.

My uniform isn't going to be exactly the same as the ones worn in the films, more my own take on it.


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Ohh I hope i see this cosplay at MCM I very much wanna get a photo!

by JinxRiddleWolf on Saturday, 8 May, 2010 - 21:15
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This looks like it'll be so awesome! :D

by Enchanting_ELK on Tuesday, 25 May, 2010 - 00:33

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Customize the robesMediumComplete


Since Expo (Posted 31st January 2011)

I've bought a new tank top which is cut lower so you can actually see the tie. My other one was a mans one from H&M so it wasn't actually designed for a school uniform. I'm also considering getting a different skirt for it because the one I have at the moment is a little too short for me to be comfortable with.