Costume :Cardcaptors
Variant :original cardcaptor outfit, NOT sakuras
Source :Cardcaptors
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Clow Staff Red

kimono front zoom

kimono front full


Costume Information

Cost : over 200£
Time Taken : 15 hours so far...

well as stated above im going to try out making my own cardcaptors cosplay :D not sakura related at all in order to try and break the chain.

im going to make a black and purple satin kimono with obi which will be the main part of my cosplay - complete? yes! :D

im also going to wear some big chunky boots that i've got which i know will go great with the kimono - new rocks? but of course :D

im going to dye my hair this time around in order to not over use my infamous purple major wig - pernament? mostly :P

im also going to make a purple, silver and black clowstaff, similar to sakuras in the style of the bird like head on the top, the only difference is the colour :D - but isnt it suppose to be not sakura related? I CANT BE THAT ORIGINAL IN THIS SITUATION!! >.<

anyways i hope you like it and i'll try and draw up some refs so u know what its gunna look like and upload some picutres of my kimono :D


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Thanks for the comment, I know the tattoo will ruin my future cosplays but not when people are looking at me from the front lol

unfortantly I won't be able to track down yer friend because the Expo is HUGE, makes collectormania look tiny so I won't be able to find yer friend. and I think yer kimono looks great on yer pictures here^_^

by Anime_Angel on Wednesday, 5 May, 2010 - 14:06

To-Do List

Custom Black and Purple KimonoHighIn Progress
make staff... >.<HighPlanned

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Purple Booties£150.00Bought