Costume :Mona
Variant :Various (Vampire complete) (Pjs in progress)
Source :Mona the Vampire
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Oxford Comic Con 2016

Costume Photos

2016 revmped

Mona with some friends..

With my vampire vision glasses...

I just need shoes...


normal mona

monas pjs


Costume Information

First made a costume for Mona 'the Vampire' in 2006 for halloween. I keep looking at it when I open my wardrobe, thinking I would love to make it properly and more accurate and actually use her as a cosplay.

So... sometime this year I will do so. I hope to have both 'variants' Mona and Mona the Vampire. There isn't much difference. Plus her PJ's!! I love them!!

Fang may make an appearence, and I have myself a Lily 'Princess Giant'.

if anyone wants to be our Charley 'Zapman', Angela, Von Kreepsula (would love anyone who did this) or anyone else from the cast *hint hint* Messageeee meeee.



I can't wait to see this!


by Hannah-Kiwii on Tuesday, 11 May, 2010 - 18:00
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I am SO excited to see this! :D

by Mungojerrie on Tuesday, 11 May, 2010 - 19:39
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tehe, thank you both. My icon gives you a teaser ^ ^

by FlyingMammal on Tuesday, 11 May, 2010 - 20:05
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Ruthie why are you so adorable <3

by Luminescence on Tuesday, 5 July, 2011 - 13:13
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hehe this is so adorable

by FuriePhoenix on Sunday, 6 November, 2011 - 16:47

I love the wig :)

by Hannah-Kiwii on Sunday, 1 April, 2012 - 22:56
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this is a great idea ^^

by rosieroo on Friday, 25 May, 2012 - 08:41

To-Do List

Vampire Vision GlassesLowComplete
Jumper boughtLowComplete
NEW bow tieLowComplete
NEW capeLowComplete
NEW bows for both wigsLowComplete
Shirt boughtLowComplete
new socks LowComplete
PJs cut out bats + collarLowIn Progress
Von Kreepsula Volume 1 (PRINT + PAGES + SLEEVE)LowIn Progress
Fang PlushieLowPlanned
NORMAL Wig (BUY)LowPlanned
NORMAL Bows on wigLowPlanned
NEW shoesLowPlanned
PJs cut out fabric and sewLowPlanned

Shopping List



VK Comic.. (Posted 12th August 2011)

So, back in August this is how far I got with drawing the Von K issue #1 comic. Pretty much done, I'm only doing the back and front.

Anyways I just need Shoes!!! for Mona the Vampire. I'll work on Mona and also her Pjs as and when I feel like it. I have so many props and things I want to make - I think I'm out of my depth....


New bows (Posted 27th July 2011)

i made some new bows for both wigs, the two for the normal wig have brown hair grip attached. the 5 for the vampire wig are sewn on.

Show us your fangs.. (Posted 22nd July 2011)

I bought some fangs today. I need to edit them some how as the front teeth stick out funny. *shrugs* Not sure I can change them... They wil be ok for photos, but I can't talk with them in as they fall out...
Where can I get that sticky gum stuff... Maybe I'll get some of the false teeth gum...*thinks*]

EDIT: I trimmed a lot of the gum part from the latex teeth.. I have them infront of my teeth instead of around them, and i cut enough off so they go higher up my gum. It's a bit annoying but the best thing I came up with today. It works....

Glasses and Card (Posted 15th July 2011)

I went to hobby crafts a few days ago and got an a1 piece of purple card.
I made my vampire vision glasses from the card, using clear plastic for the 'glass' i wasn't sure if she should have '3d' glasses or plain, i did plain.
I also used the card to go into the top of the cape, to hold the shape more.. it seems to work ok.Plus i can take it out to wash the cape if needed.

Just need shoes then I've finished Mona the Vampire outfit.

Cape Progress (Posted 10th July 2011)

I sewed together to cape.. with pipe cleaners inside the top part. It's half worked. I'm going to try some other things..
I also sewed on the flowers. It needs a bit to tie on the front, but not doing that until i can sew up the flap on the top part.

Wrong flowers.. (Posted 9th July 2011)

I cut out flowers a few days ago. I cut out 5. Today I got them to put on to the cape, when i noticed 1 was a different colour, (it was very noticable on the purple) so i fantically hunted in all my craft boxes and found some more felt the same colour as the 1. I now have 5 the same colour.

I have cut and pinned the cape ready to sew.

Bats........... (Posted 8th July 2011)

So, I started to cut out 28 bats from velvet scraps for the pyjamas. I haven't cut many yet, but i'm getting there. I wanted to cut a lot of fabrics today, but i was distracted by some house work.

Buyings (Posted 6th July 2011)

I went to a fabric shop and a certain supermarket where I managed to get a bunch of things needed for cosplays.

I got some Purple Crushed Velvet for Mona's cape, and some Red Stretch Jersey for Mona's Pyjamas. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!
As I was searching around the fabric shop, I felt so disheartend as I couldn't find any purple... THEN my father say "What's that one" and underneath some very ugly looking fabric was purple velvet - I know the official costume has a velvet cape and I didn't like the look of it, BUT this purple is so nice to the touch and it just seemed right and the fact we found it happened for a reason. I hope it's going to look ok with the felt flowers on top.. *hopes*

Templetes... (Posted 5th July 2011)

Templetes I have made ready to make my:
Vampire Vision Glasses,
Bat for Pjs - the bats and collar will be velvet
Flower templete as I have decided not to use them from my old cape.

I found some felt in a craft box that i can use for the flowers, I liked them in felt on my old cape, but i'm making them again. The bats on the Pjs will be made with scraps of velvet. Just need to get some more red Jersey fabric to make the actual Pjs.

Little update.. (Posted 4th July 2011)

Made a velvet Bowtie to match the skirt. (Most have her in a plain school skirt, but I perfer velvet... more 'vampire'y I say)

I've been cosplay hunting last Thursday and Sturday, NO LUCK at all... Been looking for months on ebay for various wigs and fabrics/clothes to adapt too.. not even a decent pair of shoes for any of them.. Boooooo!!

Mona the Vampire___

Update: 04 June 2011
Made a velvet Bowtie to match the skirt. (Most have her in a plain school skirt, but I perfer velvet... more 'vampire'y I say)

I've been cosplay hunting last Thursday and Sturday, NO LUCK at all... Been looking for months on ebay for various wigs and fabrics/clothes to adapt too.. not even a decent pair of shoes for any of them.. Boooooo!!

Updates for 28th and 29th (Posted 29th June 2011)

- Bought a school jumper and shirt from Sainsburys
- Cut out template and front white panel (can't remember what you call them)
- Pinned the panel to jumper.
- Coloured the outside of 3 White buttons, with a Black Sharpie.
- Sewed buttons to panel. Sewed pannel to shirt.
- Drew and cut a Bat template ready for Pj's.

Skirt made of velvet and was made back in 2006 when I made a quick version of Mona..

Today I went looking for cosplay bits, but had no luck at all!!

Wig Arrived!! (Posted 28th June 2011)

Mona the Vampire (Mona the Vampire)

Update: 28 June 2011
YAY my wig just arrived. It's actually not too bad (would be better if the whole this was braided) but I like it! Yes, the tag is still on. It's an 'official' one by Smiffy's. I might change the bows, NOTE SELF: it slipped down at the front, need to remember to pin it, as mona's hair is right back/on top of her forehead.

Remake is under way... (Posted 25th June 2011)

I ponder so long over how to make her wig... Months later I give up with my ideas and have just purchased an offical Mona wig. It's for kids, but as I have quite a small head I hope it will fit, I hope to adapt it slightly as i'm not sure how good it will be.