Costume :Blinded Ghost
Source :Project Zero / Fatal Frame
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AmeCon 2006

Costume Photos

Blinded and manjou

Blinded again



Costume Information

Cost : £60+
Awards : None
Time Taken : 10 Hours

This one was good fun and kind of spur of the moment idea.
I love the project zero games and for some unknown reason, blinded really won me over.
The Kimono is an actual kimono from WW2 time. Though it got wet before the con and so the colours leaked >< though a lot of people thought that affect was intended, so i'm kinda of glad.
The 'sash' was made the night before the con with the tiniest amount of fabric that I had lying around and so needs to be remade.
I was only recognised by one person who got really freaked out, but was a great convo starter.
I've also worn this to collectormania.


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I didn't realise this was an actual vintage kimono o.o i thought you'd made the whole thing, awesome find ^__^


it was an awesome cosplay, i saw one of those project zero cameras in the leicester market the other day... i was tempted to buy it <_<;;

by Manjou on Monday, 31 March, 2008 - 19:35

Can I ask what material you used to cover your eyes with?

It's just that I need a material that looks opaque but that I'll be able to see through for a future cosplay and, unless you had someone leading you around, what you have there looks perfect.

Also, great find on the kimono, it looks beautiful.

by Axenblade on Wednesday, 2 April, 2008 - 01:00