Costume :2D
Variant :Dirty Harry
Source :Gorillaz
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AmeCon 2008

Costume Photos

Just found this on my pc

photo by nert

photo by silver_shards


i need a gun, cuz all i do is dance



Costume Information


Caved and bought sclera lenses +__+;; so bad but, I wanted to do it well! Thank you for bearing with all my prosth test and other methods!!

The wig is dyed and highlighted using acrylic inks and straighed using my own seeeekrit method LOL. Of course, I cut and style - it was originally very different lol.

All accessories are bought and made like the canteen and so on, and I'm just making bootcovers (for my 6" platform hooker boots) to disguse my boots into army boots to get the height and legs of 2D! :) D bought me some kyrolan to make tattoo so I'll be sporting the "2" tattoo and "k.f.c" lmao :DDDD


2D, Murdoc wigs by miiol
Sclera lens by 9mmsfx
Photo by Nocturne & Silver_Shards


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WOW! O_O This is just TOO amazing! You have my utter respect and adoration! XD

by sarmander on Sunday, 30 March, 2008 - 00:27
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YES. Which characters are free? Gorillaz rule :D

by Shazz on Sunday, 30 March, 2008 - 00:32
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not even the gorilliaz have ever tried doing this....

Looking damn sharp so far

by MangaChild on Sunday, 30 March, 2008 - 00:33
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Oh wow. This is looking ace xD

by Mungojerrie on Sunday, 30 March, 2008 - 13:15
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wow the best 2D cosplay i have EVER seen XD

i love you!!! Gorillaz ftw!

by Uni on Sunday, 30 March, 2008 - 13:41
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Oh man that's awesome! 8D
Love the Gorillaz! ^o^ Can't wait to see this! x3

by CrystalNeko on Sunday, 30 March, 2008 - 13:46
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by Odd-One-Out on Sunday, 30 March, 2008 - 14:31
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Epic costume!!!!
You look so much like 2D :D

by Littlegeeky on Monday, 31 March, 2008 - 19:14
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Thank you everyone for your kind comment!! I think because it is an above shot I look LESS FAT, LOL. The tentative date is now May EXPO, I think...?

9mmsfx told me that it would be possible to wear sclera with my vision so it looks like I will be going that route rather than working with prosthetics, but I have the details my friend gave me for any who need to know!

Thank you ^______________________________________^

by miiol on Monday, 31 March, 2008 - 21:40
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2D~!!! SO much love to you for this costume~!! I can't wait to see group pics!

by Yuka on Tuesday, 1 April, 2008 - 13:24
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Man, I wish I was going the Expo so I could see this for real.

So, awesome. *_*

by Silver_Shards on Monday, 28 April, 2008 - 20:20
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ooo wow i cant wait to see you look just like him!

by OnigiriGirl on Saturday, 3 May, 2008 - 13:37
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That is very, VERY cool. Mad props :3

by UnaSpi on Monday, 5 May, 2008 - 13:19
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i love it :3

by evilsnowball on Friday, 30 May, 2008 - 18:25
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Ooh scary eyes!

But a good effect - I wish I'd been at Expo to see this *_*

by Lunar_Kitten on Tuesday, 17 June, 2008 - 11:44
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Thank you so much for your kind comments, but... I feel bad I might not live up to it come the event! It has been set back to AMECON now, maybe!! T___T I better get dieting and working out too hahah!

Thank you everyone!!!!

by miiol on Wednesday, 18 June, 2008 - 22:48
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I should really test the Murdoc

by 1000014 on Thursday, 3 July, 2008 - 16:50
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This is sooo inspired! I've always wanted to do a Gorillaz costume although I'm not really thin enough at the moment :3 I'd want to do a really lanky Noodle.

I love your wig so much and are you using scleria contacts?

Thanks loads for your comment on Millie btw ^_^

by Mocara on Wednesday, 6 August, 2008 - 13:16
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You totally pwn at 2D.

by kdelioncourt on Saturday, 16 August, 2008 - 22:55
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And I thought the Gorrilaz were creepy in comic form, this is amazing!

by Xephios on Monday, 16 February, 2009 - 19:10
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This is so beyond epic. I love it hun

by Sephirayne on Sunday, 17 January, 2010 - 20:11
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And you need to cosplay this again plz.

New Gorillaz album soon!

by 1000014 on Sunday, 24 January, 2010 - 18:03
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This costume is far too epic!

by White Leviathan on Sunday, 24 January, 2010 - 21:52
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LoL I remember you guys at amecon you were freakishly like the characters XD

by Captain_Marvelous on Sunday, 24 January, 2010 - 22:04
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oh wow this is amazing O_O
You look so much like 2D it scares me slightly XD
The teeth really just make the costume for me.

by Dusttee on Monday, 25 January, 2010 - 18:24
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Thanks guys! I really want to do this again when I am fit enough and this time we have a Russel <3 thanks Anton!!

by miiol on Wednesday, 27 January, 2010 - 19:46