Costume :Shizuo
Source :Durarara!!
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Might do this version XD



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Shizzyyy ;D

by FrankieEstee on Friday, 16 April, 2010 - 22:21

Awesome! Can't wait to see this 8D

by goodbyeworld on Friday, 16 April, 2010 - 22:22
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This looks epic so far! 8D

by MoonLily on Friday, 16 April, 2010 - 22:36
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this'll be amusing xD

by KonohaKunoichi94 on Friday, 16 April, 2010 - 23:39
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Thank you everyone. XD <3

...@Anna: I told you not to call me that D:<
IZAAAAAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *throws vending machine at you*

by WhaleInTheSky on Tuesday, 20 April, 2010 - 22:36
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*misses vending machine* IMA CUT YOU WITH MAH KNIFE DX

...though I might get arrested for that, mum would sooo not like that lol

by FrankieEstee on Tuesday, 20 April, 2010 - 22:39
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Loving it so far~~
Those purple sunglasses are going to look so epic on you :DDDD

by rocksanie on Thursday, 6 May, 2010 - 22:17
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@rocksanie: dfasdskdjhsad thank you <3

by WhaleInTheSky on Friday, 9 July, 2010 - 21:27
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udhush you make an epic shizzy-chan WOAH great work D:

by isamiaella on Monday, 16 August, 2010 - 17:08
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sdasdsd thank you!! :D

by WhaleInTheSky on Wednesday, 8 September, 2010 - 18:51
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Love it,you're an awesome Shizuo!I'm rewearing my Shinra probably on Sunday :)

by ember329 on Wednesday, 8 September, 2010 - 22:45
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Thank you! :)
fhsdflhs hopefully I'll see you there and grab you for pictures!

by WhaleInTheSky on Thursday, 9 September, 2010 - 02:35
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<3 Shizuooo
You look awesome~

by Nachtangel on Tuesday, 19 October, 2010 - 19:35

SHIZZY >.< so amazing :'D

by xLaviChii on Saturday, 19 February, 2011 - 22:42

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