Costume :Gokudera Hayato
Variant :Varia arc, Mafia suit and ZOMBIES!
Source :Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AmeCon 2008

Costume Photos



Lots of Gokkuns! =O



Dunno really....

See if you can spot the fangirling in this photo. I'll give you a prize XDD

Bling & things


Costume Information

Cost : So far around £35 (for Varia arc outfit)

Hedging my bets here by putting togethor both a normal, casual outfit (white short sleeved shirt over red T shirt combo) but mainly I'm aiming to go with his Varia arc ensemble (bandages around torso, long blue overshhirt etc etc)

........Discovered that I look daft smoking. ¬_¬ I've had to delete a whole load of photos I took where I look like friggin' Jimmy Saville!! XDD "Now then, 'ows about that then...?"


Also cobbled togethor a Mafia suited-and-booted Gokkun for the Ame ball. Because my friend went as Yamamoto so how could I resist!
Mental note; Needs better sports bra. o_0;;;




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Awesome more reborn cosplay for amecon XD. I can't wait to see it finished. I'll be hunting you down for photos

by yami-no-neko on Saturday, 22 March, 2008 - 20:52
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Eee looks like we’ve been shopping the same place for our Bling lol XD
I’m with you on the whole trying to do smoking poses thing too. It’s surprisingly difficult. So many deleted photos for me also >.< But hey, you’ve got some good ones here!

Varia arc costume would be awesome. Go for it! It’ll be great to see the pics when you get it finished.

by Dei Dei on Thursday, 15 May, 2008 - 21:39
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Bling Bling Hayato could be your gangsta nickname ;D

by Odd-One-Out on Wednesday, 28 May, 2008 - 19:52
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And your dynamite is totally Gokudera bling-bling fabulous! I love them!

by Felixize on Saturday, 31 May, 2008 - 21:50
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OTP/8059/FTW? Ahahahaha
Loving it! Nice and subtle X3
Your dynamites are looking brilliant, all professional like!

by Dei Dei on Saturday, 31 May, 2008 - 22:45
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I can't believe I haven't commented on Gokkun~~~~ D: I do love your wig. :3 And you have the attitude down perfectly!!

by Ino on Sunday, 1 June, 2008 - 01:06
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Hehe well done on guessing the fangirl connections there. XD Actually, the whole barcode reads; 0TP5927/8059FTW At's supposed to. I dont HOW I ended up doing it but I mistyped 27 as 24...which makes no sense at all now. o_0;; Dammit! So lets just stick with the 8059 then. ¬_¬;; *kicks self*

by sarmander on Friday, 6 June, 2008 - 22:28
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Those dynamite sticks are the most pro I've seen. Yellow plastic tubes with card rolled up inside?

by Odd-One-Out on Saturday, 7 June, 2008 - 15:37
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LOL yup, I R the queen of Bodge. X3

by sarmander on Tuesday, 17 June, 2008 - 23:12
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*overwhelmed by the comment you gave me on Ken*

T-thankyou for the compliment, I didn't realise that Ken was *that good*, I should be a little more optimistic LOL. If only we could get one of each character together, that would be just wow *_*

by Odd-One-Out on Tuesday, 1 July, 2008 - 11:40
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Aw I’m extra gutted I can’t go to Amecon now! T___T
It would have been ace to get some pics with you in your ring fight outfit!
I’m hoping that I can get to October Expo with my Bel costume. Will you be there?

by Dei Dei on Friday, 4 July, 2008 - 13:05
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Looking good i hope you get this done in tome for Ame


Will you be making the mini bombs too???

by MangaChild on Tuesday, 15 July, 2008 - 07:12

spread the Goku looooveee! *3* XD

by on Tuesday, 6 January, 2009 - 00:05