Costume :America
Variant :Regular WWII USA
Source :Axis Powers Hetalia
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos


Costume Information

Cost : Unsure ^^;
Time Taken : Only a day or two... with procastination XD

-Brown leather jacket, with golden-ish furry lining. (check)
I´ve had this for a while, and always loved it. It has a small tear, but I can fix that. <3<3<3

-Awesome leather gloves. (check)
Just what the title says they are. Awesome, black leather gloves.

-Beige shirt. (check)

-Glasses. (check)
My regular glasses, ButOhWell.

-Belt. (check)

-Ammunition belt. (check) ((It´s my sister´s though ^^;]
Who DOESN´T have one at hand at all times? 8D

-Boots. (non-check)((Only my hiking ones, but they don´t count ^^; ]
Or do they..?

-Removable Badges for the coat. (non-check)
I kinda started and dumped them XD


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To-Do List

Coat itself.HighComplete
Finish atacheable badges for coat.HighIn Progress
Suitable military trouses. (Another pair of perkele-ing trousers I don´t own *facepalm*]HighPlanned
Leather gloves.MediumComplete
Beige shirt.MediumComplete
Military-type boots. Hiking ones will do for now.MediumIn Progress
Maybe a wig? Yet again, I DO have that particular tone of blonde most of the time... I can work wit my normal hair~<3LowIn Progress