Costume :Oerba Yun Fang
Source :Final Fantasy XIII
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Time Taken : Five hours so far

I'm jumping right on the FFXIII bandwagon and adding Fang to my planned cosplay list! I liked her design since I first saw it, and I think she's a fantastic character in game. This is to go with Relion's Lightning cosplay at some point.

NO SPOILERS PLEASE, I haven't finished the game yet! :)


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Good luck with this. Were both gunna need it hehe

by isamiaella on Monday, 19 July, 2010 - 21:53
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you are more lovely <3

by TheStarlightFairy on Friday, 10 September, 2010 - 22:39

To-Do List

Black shortsLowComplete
Arm warmersLowComplete
Black shirtLowComplete
Arm braceletLowComplete
WigLowIn Progress
SariLowIn Progress
Fur tailsLowIn Progress
Tattoo and markingsLowPlanned
Thick beltLowPlanned
Thin beltLowPlanned
Bead necklaceLowPlanned

Shopping List



Arm bangle :D (Posted 10th September 2010)

Just to show how my arm bangle turned out! I'm very pleased with it. Btw, the Dratini hat that I am wearing in the first picture was made as a gift from the ever lovely Sisceal <3 Go and check her other hats out! Also thanks to Rudeth for providing his foot as a weight to hold the end of the bangle down, haha.

Woop (Posted 6th September 2010)

Progress since last time...wig has arrived and it's a lot curlier than I thought it was, so I've been brushing it out to try and calm the curls a bit! I'll probably be trying the hot water straightening method at some point to make it a little wavy instead of full on ringlets. XD

The leather strips arrived last month and I finished the arm bangle a few days later, but now I've got plenty left over! I can use it for the necklaces, though, so it won't be going to waste.

Still working on the trim...I think at the last count I had four or five metres done. I can't remember though, haha! I'll get there eventually. I have discovered that fabric paint bleeds on the ribbon I'm using however, so I'll have to be extra careful when I start painting.

Progress (Posted 8th August 2010)

Okay so, so far I've made the black shirt, the black shorts and the black armwarmers (these were finished a while ago). I recently bought some gorgeous blue fabric for the sari - it feels like satin, but isn't as shiny, which is nice, and it was cheap too! I also got some brownish-gold fur for the fur tails, and I've picked out a wig that I need to order at some point.

My boyfriend was kind enough to order some leather strips for me to make the arm bangle with, so that's currently in the post, and at the moment I'm in the process of stencilling the design for the sari's trim onto some ribbon. There's 15 metres of it (although I think I'll only be using 12), and I'm currently partway through the third metre. Ergh...