Costume :Kanon
Source :Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :Auchinawa 2010

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Cost : £25

Decided on this while trying to think of a third costume for Auchinawa. Not sure what day I'd be wearing this on....need to see what's going on with groups etc. first.

Hopefully, It won't take me too long to get this done. The only things I can see giving me trouble right now are the jacket and that beret -_- But, I'll deal with it.


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To-Do List

JacketHighIn Progress
TieMediumIn Progress
BillhookMediumIn Progress
Striped SocksLowComplete


22/4/2010 (Posted 22nd April 2010)

Started on.... well, pretty much everything yesterday. Got everything cut,and the trousers/shorts are nearly done....

Finishing more stuff today.

17/4/2010 (Posted 17th April 2010)

Removed shirt from to-do list, easier to have the top as all one piece.
Hopefully getting some fabric tomorrow, so I can get started ;3;

I really need to hurry up.

15/4/2010 (Posted 15th April 2010)

Got the billhook painted. Took longer than expected to find paint for it, but it's done. Still needs another coat though.
Also got a pattern for the jacket, and possibly for the shorts. Need to get myself some fabric soon so I can start on it.

1/4/2010 (Posted 1st April 2010)

Finished the billhook! (almost) I'll paint it tomorrow, but apart from that it's done! I also have socks.

I think I know what I'm doing with the jacket now at least, need to double-check though. :)

31/3/2010 (Posted 31st March 2010)

H'okay, let's get this show on the road~
So far, I've only got the base for the billhook done, so all I have is a cardboard billhook cutout :>
Still can't quite figure out that jacket .__. Shall be having a go at that this weekend.
And uh... that's about it, not really made much progress for today ^__^;