Costume :Setsuna Meioh
Variant :Eternal Sailor Pluto
Source :Sailor Moon
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Ah , Sailormoon , Sailormoon - I spent many a years watching/ worshipping this show in my childhood! I simply HAD to cosplay from it , just to achieve my childhood dreams of being a Sailor scout! I love Pluto - but she wasn't my favourite ( Mars was, I will get to her in due time >:] ) I chose Setsuna mainly because I love her ' Eternal ' outfit, I love her hair and she's TALL very tall :) like me - so at least when I tower over the other scouts in my heels - it will be true to the anime/manga xD!

Plan on making the ' Time Key ' as well - all tall and epic like!


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The start (Posted 5th May 2010)

Finally getting started on this one as I've just spent MUCHOS money getting the perfect wig ( which was no easy task getting the right shade of green, let me teel you!! ) and as it is one of my easier cosplays to construct , fingers crossed it will all go swimmingly & fast! All materials have been bought for it, just a case of getting onto it!