Costume :Butterfree
Variant :Gijinka
Source :Pokemon
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2010

Costume Photos


Lol. Idea.


Costume Information

Cost : About £20-30-ish.
Time Taken : Not very much time, I walked around town looking for stuff. :T

It's kinda late to get into the Gijinka addiction. But here I go ANYWAY.

Well, the dress willll be here soon. :'D I'm gonna get other stuff ready till then, like socks/armwamers, and whatever.


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good luck! it looks adorable.

by kittenaid on Thursday, 18 March, 2010 - 12:38
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:'D Hehe, thanks!

by HyperNightmare on Friday, 19 March, 2010 - 08:10
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hey this is going to be cool :-)

by alexandraheaven on Thursday, 22 April, 2010 - 18:28
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xD Thanks so much<3

by HyperNightmare on Tuesday, 11 May, 2010 - 07:07

butterfree!! -guess who this is- =w=

by on Monday, 17 May, 2010 - 12:05
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omg~~ x3 looks great so far. I hope i see it at expo!! ^^ What day u wearing it?

by Enchanting_ELK on Monday, 24 May, 2010 - 17:46
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Saturday. D: It's teh only day am going. <3

Hope to see you too :'D Lulz.

by HyperNightmare on Wednesday, 26 May, 2010 - 12:05

To-Do List

Antennaes. 0__0;;HighComplete
Make wing skeletonHighComplete
RedShade glasses? D:HighComplete
Arm warmersHighComplete
Knee highs[Changed them to tights]HighComplete
Buy dressHighComplete
Stitch fabric onto wings.HighComplete
Wing pattern&lt;3HighComplete
Attatch to dress somehow. @__@HighComplete
New shooes~ MediumPlanned