Costume :Aaroniero Arruruerie - The 9th
Source :Bleach
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AmeCon 2008

Costume Photos

arrancar shoot

aaroniero 1


espada group

bleach espada group




Costume Information

Cost : no idea =S
Time Taken : lots and lots

i will be making the fall glass head thing with flooting head in it ^_^

want be made of glass more like plastic or some think the bolb head will sit on top of my fack sholders im making which means i be like 7 feet tall lols and look though 2 little slits in the costume =s

im close to finshing this costume just have the black lining,coler and ruffs left to make for this then its complet.

waiting for boots to come in post finger crost they arive in time.

i will start work on the head after amecon as i run out of time this time around.


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If you manage to pull this off, hats off to you sir

by Z-Man on Wednesday, 5 March, 2008 - 23:33
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oh i cant wait to see this!!! i gonna come up to you get a pic and then run away with your head lol >:p

by Kaka Extreme on Thursday, 6 March, 2008 - 23:23
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very very nice looking awsome buddy

by ryaoki on Saturday, 26 July, 2008 - 21:06
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Cool :) your Nejibana looks nicely scaled :) ... blue wig for the furry bit? all lookin good :)

by Ikkaku-kun on Saturday, 26 July, 2008 - 21:27
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looking good man, good to hear your going for making the testube head as well

by nanahara on Saturday, 26 July, 2008 - 21:42
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its looking ace darrin, hope the collar isnt too much of a pain to make!

by Sands on Saturday, 26 July, 2008 - 22:08
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looks really good mate and the staff is awesome

by timpey on Saturday, 26 July, 2008 - 23:47
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awesome!! cant wait to be Nel with you and plus i've missed annoying yous, so prepare to be poked by my sword all day :p

by angel aiko on Sunday, 27 July, 2008 - 13:47
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looking sweet :) is the bandana part of the costume? heh , whats the trident head made of if you would divulge such a thing :P

by Ikkaku-kun on Thursday, 31 July, 2008 - 20:42
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no the bandana is just what i wear all the time still ned to style his wig which is short black hair and the tridents head is made from nuthing more than cardbord and papermasha XD

by grayskull8 on Thursday, 31 July, 2008 - 20:58
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cool ^^ i phail at paper masche (thats why my triden has gaps xD) and woot for bandana wearers, i think we should get more ppl to wear them xD baseball caps and beanies are poor

by Ikkaku-kun on Thursday, 31 July, 2008 - 21:55
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Nicely done! Love the boots!

by stripey_dani on Friday, 1 August, 2008 - 13:39
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Heheheh Nejibana <3

by Odd-One-Out on Friday, 15 August, 2008 - 08:52
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great work with the cosplay u got some epic photos

by timpey on Sunday, 24 August, 2008 - 18:35
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Great cosplay!I love all the costumes!I'm really impressed!

by Reve on Monday, 6 October, 2008 - 15:56
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make the hand dame it ><

by kimpey on Sunday, 16 November, 2008 - 21:18
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The arrancar near the trees shot made me cream ^.^ everyone looks so good!!!

by Captain_Marvelous on Friday, 16 January, 2009 - 14:18
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you look awesome
i need helps with this outfit

by zabuza89 on Monday, 20 February, 2012 - 19:04