Costume :Einblick Delalune
Source :A Midnight Opera
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :Kitacon IV (2012)

Costume Photos

what a smug looking derp!

cigarette box

Hat and cigarette box DONE!

hat 98% finished

Ref of back of coat



Costume Information

This will be done in October for the MCM EXPO this year, as last year I couldnt get him done due to lack of funds. But I'm HOPING this October i can get him done for if I attend.

The reason for doing Einblick Delalune? BECAUSE HE IS MEANING OF TRUE METAL! lmao! He is a werewolf, he plays heavy metal music and he is damn hot! He's the kind of guy that any metal loving bloke would love to be, and he's the kind of guy that any girl would just plain love to have!

If you haven't read A Midnight Opera I seriously recommend it!

Update: Going to do Einblick for the rock party of Kita next year \m/\m/

UPDATE: MOVING TO 'IN PROGRESS' AS I'VE STARTED MAKING HIS CIGARETTE BOX FOR HIS HAT (and it will encourage me to make the rest of it lol)

Added video of episode 3 of the "anime" (VERY LOSELY called an anime lol) to give people a taster of what Einblick is like and how awesome this manga is

UPDATE: le sigh.. having to hold him back yet again as I dont have the funds to do Einblick along with everything else for kita.. as his tailcoat alone will be money draining on my account... I'm so determined to actually get this guy's outfit made though! It will happen.... IT WILL!!! XD!


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\m/ we are gonna ROCK!!! well you are and I am going to wolf it up. lol (ok that sounded good in my head)

by FlyingMammal on Sunday, 29 July, 2012 - 19:03
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looooool!!! another bad pun: "we'll have a HOWLING good time!"

by FuriePhoenix on Monday, 30 July, 2012 - 18:23

To-Do List

buy and edit coat into his tailcoatHighPlanned
buy shoesHighPlanned
buy wigHighPlanned
do waistcoatHighPlanned
get tieHighPlanned

Shopping List

wig£12.31To Buy
shoes£8.00To Buy


wig (Posted 4th January 2012)

I think I've found the perfect wig for Einblick. The fringe is slightly shorter, but by the time I have the hat on as well, I think it will be alright as I want to be able to see where I'm walking loL!

wigs (Posted 9th December 2011)

I didn't think it'd be so difficult to find the right kind of wig for Einblick!!! I've so far found three possible ones....

(see picture) the first two i dont hink are heat resistance, and wig 3 is, so it'd be easy to restyle into Ein's haircut at the front. But hmm... they all have their own good qualities... what do people think?

Primark = Cosplayers best friend (Posted 9th December 2011)

Yup its true!

Though I haven't bought them yet, but they've started selling women's shoes that are identical to the ones Ein wears for like £8 so I will be buying some in the new year woop!

I'm still looking for a decent waistcoat and long coat to turn into his.... this is gonna a looooooooooong process me thinks!

Top Hat bought (Posted 16th June 2010)

I know it's notin the picture but he does wear a black top hat. I managed to find one in a cheapy shop in Islington today for £3 and its crush velvet! Now for the rest of it!lol

Luckily, I have spoken to Hanzo Steinbach (the artist and author of this series) and he is going to do me some good reference pictures of Ein's coat for me to go by.

One thing I do ask: anyone know where I can get pointy toed shoes that look like the pointy smart shoes that guys wear without causing me to break the bank balance????