Costume :Gijinka Eevee
Source :Pokemon Series One (Red Blue Yellow)
Progress :Complete
Worn At :D-CON 2010

Costume Photos

Ears (mark 1)


Human Eevee


Costume Information

Cost : £20.39 (used)
Time Taken : 11 3/4 hrs

I've always wanted to do a human pokemon, specifically eevee.

This is my first cosplay that I've basically made from scratch. Okay, the t-shirt and trousers weren't made by me, but I DID make the ears (both pairs), the ruff and the tail (made with help from Mum and Mistic respectively).


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To-Do List

Buy furHighComplete
Buy T-ShirtHighComplete
Buy Shorts/TrousersHighComplete
Make EarsHighComplete
Make TailHighComplete
Make Neck RuffHighIn Progress


Making Eevee (Posted 28th February 2010)

So... Mistic came over today to help me make my tail and neck ruff. We managed to finish the tail (plus another for her fox-Naruto cosplay) and start on the ruff. I'm not sure how I'm going to make it, but I'll figure it out!

I've not got as much of it done as I'd hoped, 'cause I've been making an Hetalia t-shirt for a friend of mine (it's his birthday next Friday). Now that's finished, I can move back to my Eevee (I ONLY HAS A WEEK TIL D-CON! *panics*) All I need is to finish the ruff and take in my trousers (they're too wide for me *sadface*)

See you all at D-Con (if you're going)! I'll be the Eevee with no ears ^^; (they're too floppy to stay up properly)