Costume :Wolf
Source :10th Kingdom
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

Because I love 10th Kingdom and have done since I was 10 and wanted transmuters so I could pretend to be Bluebell the Troll. Because Wolf is my favourite. Because I have the waistcoat and wig for other costumes. Because I have a man's suit jacket that'll do if I can't get a better one. Because I really want winkle pickers or chelsea boots anyway and have done for several years but couldn't get them before beacuse of them not being in fashion (and thus readily available in lady sizes) or the fact that I am not actually a man, I just dress like one. Because I saw and bought grey jeggings with a zip up the legs because I needed new trousers and thought 'hells yeah, it's Wolf time'. Because all I actually have to buy specifically for this costume is a shirt, which I get to do my favourite coffee/tea dying technique to. Just because.

Seriously, I will be one of about 2 people who knows what I'm meant to be other than a sexy man, but who gives a monkey's?


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