Costume :Ulquiorra Schiffer
Source :Bleach
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Alcon 2008

Costume Photos


"Its raining in my heart..."

Epic red-eye shot

"Why you give me cake?"




Costume Information

Cost : 60-70 pounds
Time Taken : 4 hours?

A pair of long white Hakama pants, held up by a wide black belt which is held in place by velcro strips.
There is then a coat which comes to down to the waist at the front with a long tail that hangs down the back, split right down the middle. It is zipped up the front with a tall collar and long sleeves.

(original costume made by Human_go seller on Ebay)
The mask was made using a balloon, lots of newspaper and the wonderfulness of papermache!
Once dired I simply painted it white and added some black elastic so that I can keep it held on my head.


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ZOMG that cosplay looks totally fitt i need to glomp this =]

by Lpwns on Wednesday, 8 October, 2008 - 14:15
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This was such a great cosplay of him~! Kudos, lovely! I especially like the white gloves - that was a really nice touch! I wish I'd thought of that when I did it - it would've made life so much easier without me leaving white handprints all over everything D:

by Kitsu Aria on Wednesday, 8 October, 2008 - 23:25
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i want that fondant fancy!

by angel aiko on Thursday, 9 October, 2008 - 14:42
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your cosplay is awesome!

10/10 *mini claps*

by Black-Cat-1 on Saturday, 11 October, 2008 - 21:49

OMG!!! I love your costume!!! is simply amzing!!! Kyaa! :D

by SanctusIX on Saturday, 27 December, 2008 - 23:49

To-Do List

Make a sword!MediumPlanned