Costume :Henry Biggleton
Variant :Steampunk (ish)
Source :Steampunk, Original Design
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Hat top

The basic idea


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Cost : £18.50 so far

A character concept I came up with for an event I'm now not going to. But i'm still planning on doing the outfit and who know's when he will surface.


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Ooh! Love the Professor look Ed! It looks awesome, and I like the idea of the clock hands on top of the morter board! We must start sorting out our Steampunk group at some point - though I'd love to photoshoot you when you're done with the outfit ya! ^^

by Monkey on Wednesday, 3 February, 2010 - 01:26
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Yay :-D I have a photographer :-D and yay, that photographer will one day be steampunk :-D yay :-D Thank you hun.

by Bedoc on Friday, 5 February, 2010 - 18:46

To-Do List

RobesHighIn Progress
high waisted trousersHighPlanned
hatMediumIn Progress
cravat & pinLowComplete


What i bought on ebay :-D (Posted 25th January 2010)

Hoorah! Yipee! I won I won I WON!!!! mwhahahahaha!!! The world is my oyster :-D

I finaly managed to win an affordable academic robe and mortar board on ebay! ok, they're not in perfect nic, but I think that'll work better for Henry, he travel around and isnt the most practicle of proffessors. I can't wait for them to arrive :-D