Costume :Sgt Keroro
Variant :Pokopen Disguise
Source :Keroro Gunso
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :KitaCon 2010

Costume Photos

Head construction: Phase 1

Keroro: Pokopen Disguise 2

Keroro: Pokopen Disguise


Costume Information

Cost : So far... £17
Time Taken : I have 3 months. Let's hope thats long enough! (But would be cool if I got it done in time for Midlands Expo)

Ohhh how I've grown to love the Keroro Gunso anime as of late. I think Ive now got an idea as to how I'm going to do this now! Paper mache and LOTS of green lycra. Watch this space!


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Looking good!! :P Can't wait to see more!

by Lady-Aira on Sunday, 31 January, 2010 - 17:51

To-Do List

Paper Mache...HighComplete
Cover head with lycraHighIn Progress
Create HatHighPlanned
Facial featuresHighPlanned
Kero BallLowPlanned


2nd half starting tonight! (Posted 6th February 2010)

Fair bit of stuff going on today. Firstly, my length of 'Acid Green' nylon lycra arrived today! This will hopefully cover each half of the head to give Keroro his green skin-colour. I will be beginning on the second half of the head tonight too. Having done so much mache last time with the first half, Ive got a few tricks this time to speed the process up. Once done, I'll have 2 halves and will be able to join them at last!

First head half mache complete! (Posted 5th February 2010)

After several days of applying mache to the ball, I think I have it thick enough for what I need! And perhaps most importantly... It actually fits over my head! Epic times there!

Sourced some fabric to try and cover it with. should arrive in the coming few days.

The invasion begins! (Posted 31st January 2010)

Got to work on starting the Papier mache process today. Just completed the 1st layer of the 1st half of the Sgt's head making the head-case about 10% complete. Starting to wonder if the beach ball I got is big enough though... More will be added tomorrow and over the coming week!