Shiro Hana

Costume :Moltres
Variant :Gijinka
Source :Pokemon
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Reference / Inspiration

Reference / Inspiration

Reference / Inspiration

Reference / Inspiration

Reference / Inspiration


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(火焰鳥 - fire[flame]bird)

Learned a load of stuff from the panels at Amecon and Ayacon and hope to put that new-found knowledge into something worthwhile :).

Chinese in essence.

Periodic updates via journal to begin with.


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Moltres!! Let me know when you decide to do this and if you have an Articuno with you :D (would love to do an Articuno gijinka)

by Freyarule on Tuesday, 5 January, 2010 - 10:45
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You've got some beautiful ideas and I especially love your narrative.. Now it's time to make your costume!

by Kei Lin Sama on Tuesday, 21 January, 2014 - 20:52


Research #4 - sketches (Posted 20th February 2014)

By no means a final design idea but I was mainly torn between yellow and red as the main garment colour for Moltres: I chose yellow purely as that is Moltres' breast/abdomen/body colour - yellow on red could perhaps work with other designs but as I'm aiming to have mine look somewhat like its pokémon namesake, I figured this the best one. I've done three variations as I've been looking at reference images and trying to work out whereabouts the flames begin and end and where that would correspond to on a kimono-style costume. Although subtle, I am currently leaning towards the middle one.

Bibliography (Posted 20th January 2014)

So I don't lose track of sources incase I need to look them up again:

The Dynasties of China / Gascoigne, Bamber / 9781841197913
Furisode / NAGASAKI Iwao / 4-7636-7041-7

Research #2 - narrative attempt (Posted 19th January 2014)

I figured weaving a loose narrative (or a series of short ones) would help concrete some of the ideas I had together.

Often claimed to have been sighted in areas of great heat such as volcano ranges, Moltres appear to be a mix of fact and fiction: the last reported sighting was in the 20th Century, during an eruption in the Kunlun volcanic region. Eyewitness accounts tell of a large flame-like shape that was larger than the rest, mainly in a brilliant shade of yellow but tipped at the edges in shades of red and orange and a piercing cry could be heard: local legend often states that when hurt, Moltres are said to submerge themselves in lava in order to heal their injuries.
There have also been whisperings and rumours of a human-like figure said to resemble the legendary bird that has been seen in nearby provincial towns during the coming of spring. Some say that it wears the robes of officials and court residents so that its journey is not impeded by others and yet it is rarely seen: others see it as some sort of religious pracitioner given the decoration of its garment.
Moltres is an elegant and noble bird in both appearance and behavior, it is very selective in what it eats and where it perches, with its feathers in many different hues of red, orange, and yellow.

Research #1 (Posted 19th January 2014)

In an attempt to make myself do something about this, I'm updating here occasionally with some of the thought processes that have gone into this so far.

This is just a brainstorm of the main ideas/thoughts/etc that I have read on so far - not all may be used in the final costume as I got carried away with reading! :)

Sorry for quality: not near a scanner at the moment.