Costume :Kaito
Variant :Cendrillon
Source :Vocaloid
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2010

Costume Photos

Photo by Matt.

Photo by Matt

8D On stage in mascarade



Costume Information

Cost : £53.46
Awards : Best Junior May Expo 2010
Time Taken : 55+ hours

Can't remember when I decided to do this with Alice, I think it was when I was thinking about doing Cendrillon Teto but Alice suggested that we could be Miku and Kaito together...? Idk XDD

This is now in the mascarade. 'cause me and Alice are cool like that. 8D

Wig: £12-camden
Shirt pattern: £7- Welling sewing center
Fabric for shirt, and blue bits : £15-Welling sewing center
massive MASSIVE cotton reel- 70p-Deptford market (strangely proud of this XDDD)
White fabric-Preowned
Trouser pattern-£1.99 Welling Sewing Center
Black Boots-Preowned
Sholder pads- 99p- FabricLand
Gold Cord £9.00- Welling sewing center
Gold Rope- 99p Welling sewing center
Gold tassles- £1.99- FabricLand
Velcro-40p -Welling sewing center
Zips £3.40 -Welling sewing center

I've finished it <3333
I'm actually over the moon i've done this, I feel invincible now >8D /shot
My Miku's dress is going well apparently, she's ordered her hoop underskirt and made the bodice, but has to find shoes before she can do the bottom 'cause of height and shabang~~~~

O_O I spent so much money on this xDDDD

we got in the mascarade weeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~ <333
Won Best Juniors in the mascarade.
Actually over the frickn' moon <333


kaito *squee*

im len, i wanna find u and glomp u

by on Saturday, 2 January, 2010 - 03:03
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O: I LOVE THIS! Ive NEVER seen a Kaito here do it! Which day are you doing it or for the party?

by Solaria on Saturday, 2 January, 2010 - 12:27
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Like what I said before; you are going to look fabulous! Can't wait to see this completed :D

by FrankieEstee on Saturday, 2 January, 2010 - 15:19
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>W< thanks guys~
I'm doing it for the Sunday with a Miku :3
We should be in the mascarade too~ >W< 8DD

by tinygreenturkeyeyes on Sunday, 3 January, 2010 - 12:51
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wow~ this outfit looks like it's gunna be soooo epic x3
I really hope you get it done soon~ 8D It's gunna be amazing!

by Enchanting_ELK on Thursday, 11 February, 2010 - 19:26
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win looking great *o*

by Dusttee on Saturday, 20 February, 2010 - 15:35
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S'ank you <3

by tinygreenturkeyeyes on Saturday, 20 February, 2010 - 20:07
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omg! ^^ It looks great<3 I can't wait to see it at expo!
What day u wearing it? ^^

by Enchanting_ELK on Monday, 3 May, 2010 - 13:43
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Ahh Thanks~
I'm wearing it on sunday hopefully in the mascarade~

by tinygreenturkeyeyes on Monday, 3 May, 2010 - 20:21
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^^ yw!
Ahh, cool :3 If you go in the masquerade, I'll cheer for you~ 8D

by Enchanting_ELK on Monday, 3 May, 2010 - 20:31

This is beautiful Juliette, congrats on winning!!

by goodbyeworld on Tuesday, 1 June, 2010 - 19:50
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You and your Miku looked amaaazing! *O* <333 Congrats on winning best junior! You deserved it 8D

by CrystalNeko on Tuesday, 1 June, 2010 - 20:22
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Thank you so much >W<

by tinygreenturkeyeyes on Thursday, 3 June, 2010 - 16:37
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omg, you won?! >w< Awesome!! Congratz. Well deserved 8D Unfortunately i didn't get to watch <.<
Thank god for TonyoTimes XD

by Enchanting_ELK on Tuesday, 8 June, 2010 - 20:28
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Thank you :D
Yeah~ I look like a right Idiot bowing ORZ''

by tinygreenturkeyeyes on Tuesday, 8 June, 2010 - 22:17
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:o Your such a cute Kaito! >w<
You both look adorable <3

by rocksanie on Monday, 14 March, 2011 - 20:01
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Thank you! <3

by tinygreenturkeyeyes on Monday, 14 March, 2011 - 22:19

To-Do List

Black boots.HighComplete
Add darts to back of shirtHighComplete
MOAARRR gold trimHighComplete
trouser patternHighComplete
Trouser FabricHighComplete
get more gold trim OTL''HighComplete
get zip for front of shirtHighComplete
add clasps to belt and poppers to sash.HighComplete
make cuffs and add them to the shirtHighComplete
Extend bottom of shirt to below the belt and add trimHighComplete
get pattern for Shirt HighComplete
get wigHighComplete
edit shirt pattern and make itHighComplete
Make sashesHighComplete
add gold trim to EVERYTHING 8DDDHighComplete
make sholder.. thingys.. o-o;MediumComplete
buy gold buttons.MediumComplete
Zip for trousers.MediumComplete
shoulder pads to make me look more manly XD;;MediumComplete
Velcro the belt thingyMediumComplete
buy curtain things for the chainy bits XDMediumComplete


Patterns OTL (Posted 11th February 2010)

So, I got my shirt pattern and fabric for it and the sash, but i'm stuck with the trousers D:
In this vid they're white, but his shirt is blue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnA_-dWKUdc , whereas in this vid his shirt's white and you NEVER see his trousers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9j_pXCA9Row&feature=related -sigh-

I've looked up past Cendrillon cosplayers and they've all done the White top white trousers option. But I was thinking if I can't find refrence i'm screwed for the mascarade, so people. Opinions if you please <3
thanks >W<