Costume :Tsukiyomi Ikuto
Variant :Death Rebel
Source :Shugo Chara!
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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I had a lot of fun in Ikuto's Black Lynx costume and it turned out to be surprisingly popular, couple that with Ikuto's awesomeness I have decided to do all his transformations. No plan for when, just someday =D.

EDIT: Was not pleased with how this turned out so it's going back to the drawing board and will be re-made one day.


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To-Do List

Collect materialHighComplete
Make armbandHighComplete
Get red tie and white glovesHighComplete
Make coat, trousers, tail and boot coversHighIn Progress
Make scytheHighIn Progress


No more time... (Posted 8th February 2010)

SO the plan was to finish the cosplay and get some photos here in Norway but things didn't goto plan, almost finished but now there is no time for photoshoots (more important things came first ^_~). I will take a photo when it is done but photoshoot quality pics will have to be at a later date :P.

Quick start! (Posted 22nd January 2010)

Started a couple of days agoo and thanks to having some of the neccessities already I think I have made decent progress (by my standards at least XD). I have cut the fabric for the coat and trousers, made the tail and almost finished the armband as well as cut the material for boot covers. I have effectively gone as far as I can until a) I buy the remainder of what I need and b) get access to a usuable sewing machine XD. Will be going shopping on Monday and will finish it off when I visit Mtani in a couple of weeks and hijack her sewing machine muhahaha! XD

P.S. I know it doesn't look like much atm but I just started so use your imagination :P