White Tigress

Costume :Lady Subaru
Source :.hack//Sign
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon III (2011)

Costume Photos

This world that allows me to have this freedom

Visions of light




Costume Information

Cost : £38
Time Taken : 35 hours

I immediately fell in love with her outfit when first I saw her ^_^

After becoming friends with FishyFins at KitaCon 09 we both plan to be Crim and Subaru sometime. Because of that I need to ensure that the construction this time will need be extra extra extra special so im gonna start early to ensure that Subie will actually turnout well.

In a nearby town I have found some lovely blue fabric, exactly the same shade of blue as the fabric of my previous Subaru cosplay, but half the price and at least twice as thick :D Im using very pale blue duchess satin if you are wondering.

Feels like I have been working on this cosplay forever ;_; I really want to get her finished as soon as possible so I can move onto other projects. I know I have months and months to get her done but either way that gives me time to fix bits and pieces later on as the con nears. I promised friends Ill be in the masq so I cant let anyone down!

I NEVER wanna put a needle to this again >< Just thinking about how much time I put into this gives me a headache. Gonna get a better wig when If rewear.


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wow this looks mega cool i like the aqua blue colour

by ryaoki on Wednesday, 23 April, 2008 - 11:55
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I LOVE this costume! I havent even seen .hack, but I love the wigs 8D

by stripey_dani on Wednesday, 23 April, 2008 - 14:53

Awh I wish I knew someone was being Subaru! I would've put together a Tsukasa cosplay!

I can't wait to see this! I'll try and find you for photos ^^

by goodbyeworld on Thursday, 19 February, 2009 - 20:17
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Ooooh I adore Subaru, i'd love to see some photos of this costume! ^^ I must've missed you at kita, but i'll make sure to catch you if you rewear. O_~

by MoonLily on Friday, 15 May, 2009 - 12:37
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shes one of my fav .hack characters! and damn im looking forward to seeing some picture!!! 83

by Kaka Extreme on Saturday, 27 June, 2009 - 19:14
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Yay more .hack! We're doing Sanjuro and Hotaru for Kita too so we'll no doubt track you down for photos!

by SephNoir on Sunday, 24 January, 2010 - 20:55
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oh i love Subaru good luck with the costume ^^

by LaLa_LuLu on Tuesday, 6 July, 2010 - 18:11

awesome! was hoping for more .hack cosplays at next kita!

by SmexyAlchemist on Sunday, 18 July, 2010 - 23:53
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Thanks everyone, these comments mean much to me <3 I'll do my best to do her justice this time :D I'll consider to sign up for the masquerade right away if things go to plan so you all can see.

by White Tigress on Monday, 4 October, 2010 - 14:33
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Aw yeah! Subaru! I always loved her design so much. I'm sure you'll pull her off really well! ^_^

by Lisu-chan on Friday, 5 November, 2010 - 21:47

To-Do List

Remake apronHighComplete
Remake pendantHighComplete
Make shoulder puffsHighComplete
Remake collar...FOR THE SIXTH TIME!!!HighComplete
make own wingsMediumComplete
Remake sleevesMediumComplete
Style wigMediumPlanned


BITCH IS COMPLETE!!! (Posted 30th March 2011)

The wig will need the fringe to be cut but other than that It is all finished ^^

I'll sort the wig out when theres good natural lighting.

Wings and harness (Posted 30th March 2011)


Theres elastic behind the shoulderpuffs to keep them on my shoulders so I slipped the wings in between so the puffs act as a harness and the harness keeks the puffs in place :D killed 2 birds with 1 stone here *happydance*

Shoulder puffs (Posted 27th March 2011)


Might need to put some elastic across the back to keep them on the shoulders ^^

Top complete (Posted 26th March 2011)


Its finally over!!!

1 shoulder puff down! Gonna take a break now and read the latest chapter of Deadman Wonderland!!!

-Extend back of the apron
-Add harness to wings
-Style wig

Skirt complete (Posted 22nd March 2011)

Will need ironing.

-Extend the shoulders
-Extend back of the apron
-Complete top when sewing machine behaves
-Add harness to wings
-Style wig

Skirt progress 70% (Posted 24th February 2011)

Hello Tsuna! :D

Heres a bit more of the apron which is done months ago. Not fond of the paintwork but it looks good from a distance I guess.

The blue is actually 2 skirts made and sewn together. Need to shorten the outer one to align with the purple apron :S

Boots-update (Posted 24th January 2011)

And made a band for the top. Needs a ring for the back.

Boots (Posted 16th January 2011)

*stares at the ebay countdown til I get them*

I have a dark pair of stilettos so for now I better practice walking in them as its been a while since I last wore them XD

Wig (Posted 12th January 2011)


40% off :p Hope its as good as pictured as its unbelievably cheap. The rest of the shop looks gorgeous so hopes are pretty good :)

Shoulder poofiness (Posted 22nd August 2010)

Im getting there with the shoulder puffs :D

I started by cutting out 2 hexagon shapes as pattens and basically sewn them to go around the shoulder/underarms and also gathered them to begin 'poofing' them. Then I got the original scrap of fabric that I used to work on the original patten and created another duplicate of the 'scrap' to turn it into a pouch which I simply put in some gathered tulle to make some sort of shoulder pad to give it support and generally make it look better.

I need to cut out some more so the puffs extend to my shoulder better so they wont keep slipping. May either use sock glue and/or elastic to keep it upright. I might actually put a strap between the puffs across my back for the wings or something. We'll see how it goes :D

SLEEVES ARE DONE!!! :D (Posted 12th August 2010)

Made them nice and poofy :3

Thanks Lulu Rose for the tip on gathering in the 'Pet peeve' thread :) Made it easier to make it 'poof' out like that without having to try and attach elastic around the wrists. The pink around the wrists are just some leftover bias tape I folded and sewn over. It was a bitch to align over so I did a fair bit of unpicking and resewing.

Im happy with the result ^^ Might fix it later but I want to sort the shoulder puffs now ^^ Gonna be a biatch to do methinks ^^

Apron part 3 (Posted 29th July 2010)

The top and the bottom are sewn together now. The back needs extending and I still have to find some purple scrap duchess satin. I have loads somewhere.

Top is looking good! (Posted 4th June 2010)

It is all hemmed now and straps for the top are made. I tried sewing them on but the sewing machine seems a little tired so I decided to call it a day I also had to during that time make some straps for the England flag dad brought today.

I tried it on. I was a little 'eeek!' at that it shows more stomach than I intended but despite that I am very pleased with the results. It should look better and less slutty once I dart it at the bottom to make it curve to my body better.

Top progress (Posted 16th May 2010)

After giving up half way through ANOTHER failed attempt at the top and a long break from sewing I got some more duchess satin out of the blue and got some anti-staic linin to create a patten on so I wont waste any more of the gorgeous duchess ;_;

I decided to go simple. Got an old t-shirt and made a rough drawing of the top so it would fit my body. I cut it out and used that patten for the linin and played around with the shape. It seems promising so once I find the pins im gonna see if that works on the duchess and if its all good then I'll get the top out of the way XD

As for the apron I have done the fabric paint stuff but I plan to redo the top bit of the overall apron and cut it off and reattach to it to shape it better to make it more accurate. This will make it easier to put the pink ribbon on using hemming tape :D

Collar (Posted 24th January 2010)

Annoying b***h is done!

After 2 hours of screaming, yelling and ranting I got the collar complete. It wasnt difficult, its just annoying getting the size right and neatly using hemming tape to put the bias tape on. Not the neatest thing in the world but one its worn all the not so neat parts seem to disappear so its not so bad. 1 layer of duchess satin wasn't enough to keep it neat and sturdy alone so 2 layers were used. Hemming tape was used to put both layers together and theres lots of strips of it between both layers for added sturdiness.

Wings (Posted 29th November 2009)

Almost done! Just need to figure out the harness when the rest of the cosstume is done. Maybe a bit more but that should be it.

New beginnings (Posted 28th June 2009)

There are soooo many advantages and disadvantages of the new fabric.

Cheaper and easier to buy.
Twice the thickness-less likely to be torn or damaged.
Easier to work with-doesnt move around as much while cutting.
The cosplay may actually turn out better due to the sturdiness.

The thickness makes it much harder to poof out as easily and beautifully. Might need something like wire to allow it spread out.
It's also hotter DX.

As for making the cosplay itself I already made 1 shoulder, 1 sleeve and cut out the patten for the top (with plenty of space on the bottom to ensure that proportions are ok then I finish it). Although I used my own, almost 'complicatingly professinal' patten of making it Im not too happy with the shoulder puff as I made it too small AGGGHHHH!!!!!! The sleeve is a little tight but wearable :) Might get some ribbon and actually sew it on the wristband to ensure it stays in place, especially since I might need to stitch parts of that area to ensure its stays poofy.

I used a rather simple yet stress free method to create the top proportions for the top. I used an old coathanger and played around with it until it had the right shape to my chest. I used it as some sort of stencial/template on the fabric later that evening to quickly create the shape I want :) I need some sort of sturdy wiring so I can use it as a frame as I want to avoid using troupe tape as my 'lifeline' this time around. For the back of the top Im going to use the ring that was used for my prevoius Subaru.

Im gonna wait until after my birthday to start dieting XD Thats only in like 3 weeks away.