Costume :Ashlotte
Source :Soul Calibur 4
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2010

Costume Photos






Finished hat





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Awesome. Can't wait to see more progress on this.

by Sephirayne on Saturday, 8 May, 2010 - 15:49
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this outfit is gonna be epic ^^
cant wait to c it finished and with the whole group together :)

by PokethePixie on Tuesday, 11 May, 2010 - 09:14
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by nanahara on Sunday, 23 May, 2010 - 01:07
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Looking awesome!!

by Kacela on Sunday, 23 May, 2010 - 13:01


by rosestar4208 on Monday, 24 May, 2010 - 23:23
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Bwahaha now i get to c it before the expo XD :P

by PokethePixie on Thursday, 27 May, 2010 - 10:18
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OMG WOW!! I love this character soo much!! Wish I saw you though T^T Well done! ^^

by Pandora-Chi on Wednesday, 21 July, 2010 - 16:32

Thank you, tbh I didn't stay in the costume all that long, it got broken :(

by rosestar4208 on Thursday, 22 July, 2010 - 08:49

To-Do List

shoulder armourHighPlanned
Hoops around skirtHighPlanned
Gloves/arm armourHighPlanned
make clock cogsHighPlanned
Breast plate armourMediumIn Progress
make ankh crossLowPlanned


Armour (Posted 15th May 2010)

After having cling filmed myself and been covered in mudroc I am currenly sitting with a hair dryer on paper maiche. I took a trip to hobby craft today and was in luck to find circular polystyrene shapes which i will use for the arms and i got silver paint from b&q :)

Progress thus far (Posted 8th May 2010)

I have so far managed to sew together the lining and pleather for the waist coat and skirt section and I still need to put the interlining in between. It took a very long time to draw out the skirt pattern but I am hopeful it will be the correct shape and proportion.