Costume :Kyle Broflovski
Source :South Park
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Cost : £5.50


I know, I should of put Kyle here ages ago because I planned to cosplay as Kyle way before Craig. I didn't want to put Kyle here unless he was in progress and he is at the moment, so I guess that gives me the excuse *shot*
My sister, Jaylee, bought me a jacket for Kyle for a Christmas present. Apparently it's red but it looks orange to me...so I'm kind of lost but I'll leave it. I actually planned to make the jacket myself but I guess I gave in buying one. I'm going to adjust the jacket but not completely because I like to use the jacket other than cosplay, so I plan to have velcro on it, so I can put the green part on the jacket any time when I get to cosplay as Kyle. I have the wig already after buying it for Kujo and another copslay. I've yet to make the hat and I'll probarbly buy green gloves.
Yey, can't wait to cosplay as Kyle ;D

[ EDIT 11.12.09 ]

Bought material for Kyle's jacket and hat and possibly gloves, now that I'm seeing that I might have enough left but we'll see.

Material - £5
Thread - 50p

I seem to be buying new thread every time now orz

[ EDIT 13.12.09 ]

The trousers that I have is for Kujo but I guess that I can use it for Kyle for now until I find some decent pair of ones. I love my jacket 8DD It's so warm <33 I'm going to wear Kyle again for the Christmas Picnic, yey~ Can't wait for that 8D


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by KonohaKunoichi94 on Thursday, 10 December, 2009 - 18:12
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Can't wait to see it finished. SOO CLOSE. orz

by WhaleInTheSky on Saturday, 12 December, 2009 - 18:05
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...Which you will never get..again >8(
Thank you XD
Yay, our Kyle and Cartman cosplay is almost complete lol

by x-xTsuki-Yuki on Saturday, 12 December, 2009 - 18:22
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do you still have the pattern for the hat? :]

by Dani-Broflovski on Sunday, 21 February, 2010 - 20:01
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In fact I do, I'll tell you on msn/e-mail :)

by x-xTsuki-Yuki on Monday, 22 February, 2010 - 19:08

To-Do List

Make hatHighComplete
Adjust jacketMediumComplete
Green Trousers/jeans(?)MediumComplete
Green glovesMediumPlanned


Bleh :/ (Posted 23rd March 2010)

I decided that I'm going to make Kyle's jacket, the one I have...is an alright colour, I love it but it's not the right colour. Since I have drawn Kyle a few times on iscribble, it's just been bugging me that's all, so I'm deciding to re-do this cosplay again, most of the things have been bought like the trousers, I need to get new ones that are proper green and I need gloves. The hat is good but I'm not too happy about the wig since I was meant to use it for another cosplay, as well as the trousers xD

Man, I suck, I should really get started on my expo cosplays, not that much progress going on D;

Trousers (Posted 22nd January 2010)

Gosh, I'm so lame =__=
Was in Camden last weekend and found the prefect trousers for Kyle 8DD Might buy them tomorrow if possible. I'd like to have the proper trousers for Kyle. I can't keep on using my Kujo trousers, even though I haven't worn them for him yet *shot*
I know Kyle is somewhat imcomplete....I'm so lame D8

Hat Completed! (Posted 11th December 2009)

I used the pattern that Maria gave to me and it was very useful 8D
The first pattern that I actually used to make something *shot*
I'm actually proud of the hat and how it looks overall because I'm hardly good with making hats. The hat for Craig was kind of fail but I like it anyway. I love the hat that I made for Kyle. It actually fits my head. I used double layers of material for the hat. The material for the lighter green was £2 per yard because I couldn't find any cheaper material that was the right shade. I'm not sure about what kind of material it is but it's soft and looks like satin but isn't if that makes sense XD
I have to adjust my jacket for Kyle now and for the moment, I'm going to use my Kujo trousers for Kyle until I can actually find a pair of green trousers or jeans. Can't wait for Kyle to be done ^^
In the picture, the hat is actually lighter just to let you know orz;;

Time taken to make: About 3 hours..?
Material: £5

In Progress :B (Posted 11th December 2009)

I got material for Kyle's jacket and hat and thank you so much to Maria for giving me a pattern on how to make it <33
Hopefully he will be done by the end of today 8D
...and why haven't I got material for Syaoran and Ion yet? *shot*

Jacket (Posted 10th December 2009)

Okay, I must admit that the colour is way off comparing it now. It looks like Kenny orange...but I'll still use it for Kyle anyway, so yeah. It was £12.99, so I'm impressed with the price. I love the jacket so much <3 If I find one that is the actual colour, than I'll use it or make one myself but we'll see, depending how I'm trying to put my expo cosplays first, at the same time, trying to finish off some 'In Progress' cosplays.