White Leviathan

Costume :Mitsuhide Akechi
Variant :Alternate Costume
Source :Samurai Warriors
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2008

Costume Photos


The Jake Pose...

The El Dude Brothers

The crew!

SW Group MCM Expo May '08

Alternate Costume...


Costume Information

Cost : £80
Awards : Audience Choice Award London MCM Expo May '08 (Group)

Due to time constraints have had to do the more basic alternate costume from the Original Samurai Wariors....


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haha make me proud handsome" i have slain another in the name of justice"

haha jake when were at amecon "LETS GET CRAZYYYY!!!" lol

once again jake i no full well you will ace this easily gooo gorgeous

by ryaoki on Wednesday, 27 February, 2008 - 00:45
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I am so looking forward to seeing this costume as Mitsuhide is such a bish and you do them so well. The costume is gorgeous and I am sure you will do our group proud. But my weapon is still prettier wahahahahha!!!

by hakuloveszabuza on Wednesday, 19 March, 2008 - 00:08
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Youd better be doing him again for Amecon! Or make the SW1 version to go with my Ranmaru =p
Cant wait to see it!

by stripey_dani on Wednesday, 19 March, 2008 - 04:15
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ranmaru sucks go away lmao jake why do i here the sephiroth and aha theme combined playing right now

by ryaoki on Sunday, 13 April, 2008 - 09:34
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owww reiss! thats not nice! talking about ranmaru like that!

ahhhh i cant wait to see this! our group will be awesome! hopefully you be able to slice me to death:p lol and i really love to see you walk in that lol

by Kaka Extreme on Monday, 14 April, 2008 - 13:21
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Samurai Warriors version now? Itll still be awesome! Then you can do SW2 for Amecon =p

by stripey_dani on Monday, 12 May, 2008 - 19:26
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Excellent choice of costume. I think you'll be prefect for it. Can't wait to see. Hope you doing it for Amecon.

by Sephirayne on Monday, 12 May, 2008 - 19:50
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LOving the alt costume hun! You are going to look great in this!!!
Can't wait to see you not long now

by Bunni on Tuesday, 13 May, 2008 - 20:54
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we will so own as the altinate sw costumes cause we're hard

by Defrain on Wednesday, 21 May, 2008 - 08:44
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Thanks for getting me involved in this group hun I had a fantastic time!!! Ypur costume was awesome can't wait to do it all over again!!!

by Bunni on Tuesday, 27 May, 2008 - 21:17
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Love this costume on you! Suits you so well!

Cant wait to see Mitsuhide 2.0 =p

by stripey_dani on Tuesday, 27 May, 2008 - 22:06
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Way too sexy!!!

by inspchin on Wednesday, 28 May, 2008 - 17:51
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i noticed on stage that you almost 'seph'd' out lol :P it was ace tho :) woots to you guys :P

by Ikkaku-kun on Saturday, 31 May, 2008 - 13:13
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Love the new pics!!!! U VS SAKON!!

by inspchin on Saturday, 31 May, 2008 - 14:47
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Woot Mitsuhide ^^ Now start the SW2 one!

by stripey_dani on Sunday, 1 June, 2008 - 17:16
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Haha there are so many awesome shots of u guys :P
I want your hair that u used for this :P

*nudge* wheres Biggs on ur profile :D

by JakeX on Thursday, 12 June, 2008 - 15:45