Costume :Hatsune Miku
Variant :Red Lolita
Source :Vocaloid
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

please hold my hand until i fall asleep


C.C. rape

Oh lelouch!?

C.C.'s not pleased

begins with t and sparkles


Curious Miku...


i feel like ciel...




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I lol at your picture with me and you there XDD
Awesome Miku Miku~
I'll link you to the pictures from yesterday when I get them all uploaded on Photobucket ^^

by FrankieEstee on Sunday, 29 November, 2009 - 19:07
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you look so cute *o*

by Dusttee on Sunday, 29 November, 2009 - 19:39
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You make an awesome Miku XD

by CGOPbleachbabe on Monday, 30 November, 2009 - 09:09
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This is amazing =D
you look so pretty

by Kannacchi on Monday, 30 November, 2009 - 15:07
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Very beautiful!

by Solaria on Monday, 21 December, 2009 - 22:24
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You look really pretty in this costume.I like the character and you are one of the best ones I've seen

by leumas on Sunday, 10 January, 2010 - 16:02
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So adorable xD

by Bambi. on Wednesday, 27 January, 2010 - 20:54

You look so cool and cute! :D Awsome cosplay!

by on Thursday, 4 February, 2010 - 08:16
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Nicely done 8D

by RanmaSyaoran on Sunday, 11 April, 2010 - 20:32
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You look soo pretty! ^^

by Pandora-Chi on Friday, 23 July, 2010 - 12:08

To-Do List

Buy OWN WigHighPlanned
Red Lolita DressMediumComplete
Hair AccessoryLowComplete
Black TightsLowComplete