Alias Cosplay

Costume :Blind Mag
Variant :Chromaggia
Source :Repo! The Genetic Opera
Progress :Complete
Worn At :KitaCon 2010

Costume Photos


Blind Mag, AyaCon 2013

Blind Mag, 2013 update


Costume Information

Sarah Blightman plays Magdalene "Blind Mag" Defoe: Born blind, Mag is given the ability to see by signing her life away in a contract to sing for GeneCo Genetic Opera. She is marked for repossession and is set to deliver her final performance for the company. She is Shilo's godmother and was best friends with Marni, when hearing of Rotti's decision to provide Shilo with a cure for her "blood disease" she risks enraging Nathan and Rotti by coming to Shilo's house and warning her not to make the same mistakes she did by taking Rotti's cure.


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You are going to look stunning! No doubt at all!

by Leadmill on Sunday, 10 January, 2010 - 13:21
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Wow this is gonna look fantastic. (LOVE feathers!) ^_^

Wher did you get so many black feathers to make the trim, and was it mega expensive?

by Ranma1-2 on Tuesday, 19 January, 2010 - 13:57
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Thank you. :) It was expensive, but luckily the other main items for this were gifts, so that has kept the overall cost down. I've only managed to find it on ebay so far and it was pre-made trim rather than single feathers which would have been even more expensive considering how many I needed. This reminds why I avoid costumes with feathers!

by Alias Cosplay on Thursday, 21 January, 2010 - 19:36
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Expensive but it's gonna be so soft to wear. :)
I wish I could see it for real, you're gonna look stunning - must investigate "Kitacon" :)

by Ranma1-2 on Saturday, 23 January, 2010 - 12:44
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This is looking fantastic!

by Leadmill on Saturday, 6 February, 2010 - 19:51
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Lovin the progress pic. ^_^

by Ranma1-2 on Sunday, 7 February, 2010 - 20:31
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that looks soo much cooler than i even imagined well doneee

by flames-of-monki on Sunday, 7 February, 2010 - 20:45
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This is looking awesome!

by Leadmill on Sunday, 7 February, 2010 - 21:57
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this is looking AMAZING! I can't wait to see it at Kita :]

by Jae on Monday, 8 February, 2010 - 16:35
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That top is incredible!!! The feathers are beautiful!

by Kacela on Monday, 8 February, 2010 - 16:49
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Makeup test looks Great! Your costume is really coming on nicely. :)

by Ranma1-2 on Saturday, 13 March, 2010 - 22:22
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Looking fantastic!

by Leadmill on Saturday, 13 March, 2010 - 23:14
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A stunning cosplay! :D

by Mtani on Wednesday, 31 March, 2010 - 19:29
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LOVE this. *__*

by Ranma1-2 on Wednesday, 31 March, 2010 - 20:06
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You looked amazing! I saw you at Kitacon but I was too shy to come say hi ~___~
The makeup is fantastic, too!

by Fables on Wednesday, 31 March, 2010 - 20:14
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Thanks Mtani and Ranma, and Fables - next time come and say hi! :)

by Alias Cosplay on Wednesday, 31 March, 2010 - 20:26
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This costume looks amazing! Everything looks so very well crafted and perfect!

by CrystalNeko on Friday, 2 April, 2010 - 13:58
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You did such a great job of this! I love it!

by sjbonnar on Friday, 2 April, 2010 - 13:59
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You look stunning! Your costume is beautiful :D

by Member-XI on Friday, 2 April, 2010 - 14:01
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This looks absolutely stunning! you really have done her justice! Repo and Mag FTW!!!!

by Fishyfins on Friday, 2 April, 2010 - 19:43
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WOW you look amazing, really beautiful!!!

by Kacela on Friday, 2 April, 2010 - 20:29

So stunning! <3

by No thanks on Friday, 2 April, 2010 - 20:34
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This is absolutely beautiful!

by donnamevans on Saturday, 3 April, 2010 - 13:45
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by VanillaMoon on Sunday, 4 April, 2010 - 16:37
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Thank you everyone for the nice comments!

by Alias Cosplay on Sunday, 11 April, 2010 - 10:15
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I've loved watching the progress pics for this go up, and now seeing the final costume altogether - really perfect! You pull her off exceedingly well and have got the make-up down too. Although can I just saw 'Eeeeeeew' at the eyes :P

by Delusional on Sunday, 11 April, 2010 - 13:23
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What a beautiful costume! The eye makeup is really good too, you've put in so much detail.

by Amy-Lou on Wednesday, 14 April, 2010 - 17:09
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Thanks Amy-Lou that's nice of you to say. Delusional, youre not the only one to say that about the eyes!

by Alias Cosplay on Wednesday, 14 April, 2010 - 19:53
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Wow! What a stunning costume I love it.

by Sephirayne on Wednesday, 14 April, 2010 - 19:53
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Thanks and glad you like it ^^

by Alias Cosplay on Wednesday, 14 April, 2010 - 19:55

This is a very stunning costume, my second favorite blind mag one.... but the best blind mag one I have seen... I to, though about making this, but the corset i currently own is a designed one, with lace and bows on it... You look absolutly stunning, you make a great blind mag.

by Iz-insane on Monday, 25 October, 2010 - 00:47

Amazing amazing amazing!!!! Love repo! And blind mag is my favourite character! Great stuff!!! ^_^

by coco_chan13 on Saturday, 8 January, 2011 - 21:15
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Love repo, love this

by Zomboi on Tuesday, 1 February, 2011 - 19:15

Gotta love Mag, you look so pretty as her. Diggin' the feathers. :D

by Pudding on Wednesday, 5 November, 2014 - 21:24
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I love blind mag and repo

by ValentineCosplayGaming on Monday, 6 April, 2015 - 15:21

To-Do List

False eyelashesHighComplete
Attach black/red feather trimHighComplete
Thigh high boots (diamante detail)MediumComplete
Black train with scattered crystals MediumComplete
Stud chokerMediumComplete
Stud cuffsMediumComplete
Stud headbandMediumComplete
Make-up testMediumComplete
Black tightsLowComplete
x2 law ringsLowComplete


GeneCo Eyes (Posted 24th March 2010)

A last minute idea for props. A ping pong ball sliced in half with bubble wrap and string glued inside, covered in black and red latex with a print out of the contacts I'll be wearing glued on top. A layer of PVA glue was used to give a sheen to the surface of the eye. They fit snugly onto the nail rings for some photo's I plan to photo shop later.

Stud Headband (Posted 27th February 2010)

The same process to make the choker was used to create the strap and add the studs, this was then fixed onto a cheap headband.

Black Tulle Train (Posted 21st February 2010)

Following the one source I found on how the film costume was made, I used black tulle for the train. It is has three short layers underneath the two long layers on top, with one of these having the scattered sequins that I glued on. Each layer of tulle was sewn together and it attaches to the bottom of the corset with ribbon, only I haven't attached it here since I need help tightening the corset first. The train just about reaches the ankle when worn with the high heel boots

Claw Rings (Posted 15th February 2010)

The two claw rings that Mag used to pull out her eyes were paint sprayed chrome. I used the chinese nail guards (the same type I used for Edea) instead of the metal claw rings since they were much cheaper.

Progress (Posted 7th February 2010)

The feather trim has been sewn on to two seperate pieces of fabric for the top and bottom, which were then fixed onto the stretchy boob tube in the middle. Some feathers were added to the top of the boob tube to create the neckline. The corset hasn't been tied here and the black tulle train has been finished but it needs ribbon before it can be fixed to the bottom of the corset.

Choker (Posted 6th February 2010)

I couldnt find a choker and headband that were accurate so I decided to make my own. For the choker I made a strap from soft pleather in the same way for the belt straps on Julia's belt with a velcro fastening. I bought some studs and punched the holes into the strap and fixed them into place. The same process will be used for the head band.

Stud Cuffs (Posted 2nd February 2010)

They needed a extra hole punched into the strap, the choker and headband will match.

Feather trim (Posted 17th January 2010)

Realising the elastic in the stretchy boob tube wouldn't be ideal to sew the feather trim directly onto it, I used a seperate piece of black fabric to sew the trim onto instead. When all the feathers are attached I'll be fixing this seperate piece of fabric onto the boob tube that will go underneath the corset.

Corset (Posted 10th January 2010)

I remember reading that they used two corsets for Sarah Brightman, I believe one was a stretchy corset of some sort to allow her to sing correctly whilst wearing another on top. Either way I decided the best way for me was to add the feather trim onto a stretchy boob tube that will be worn underneath the corset as seen here, minus the feathers.

Boots and diamante detail (Posted 10th January 2010)

I noticed in one of my references that she wears two strings of diamante beads on the one boot, so I added these to the left boot.