Costume :Koori Koyama
Variant :Club costume
Source :EXTREME MOPPING: Kageki Soutou!
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AmeCon 2006

Costume Photos

Cleaning up the city!


Costume Information

Cost : 10
Time Taken : 15h

I only liked this costume from the whole show: so when I was asked to be in a group, I agreed! The hair is not exactly right but I could use my own hair and it looks right colourwise even if it is not a bowlcut! For the costume itself it was very hard to find reference pictures so there are some inaccuracies.

The mop was absolute hell to transport and I did not have time to make the SUPERMOP adjustment which is probably the most important part. I found it hard to paint also.

However it was fun to be extreme moppers for a day - and we did it first haha!!


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