Costume :Count Louis de Theudubert
Variant :Jetpack, during Invasion of Darmania
Source :Flight of the Valkyrie - Original Novel (Steampunk)
Progress :Complete
Worn At :FuyuCon 2009

Costume Photos

The Captain's Portrait

The Count Tinkering

You're Mine!

Sad Eyes

Need to Leave

Split Personality


The Crew

New Jetpack made by Juggern0ught

At My Mercy 2

At My Mercy

Louis to Battle!


Costume Information

Awards : Best Entertainment Group at London MCM Expo 26th October 2008

A prototype for this was worn to Ayacon, but in all honesty, I was disappointed in myself for the jetpack. My good friend, fellow Accenteer and Steampunk Juggern0ught managed to whip together a new one for me and here is what is for now, the finished design!

Unsure whether to have the same with the old jacket or not but...Louis might be retiring soon O_O


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Nooooooooo, you can't "retire" Louis! He is too good.

by Ranma1-2 on Tuesday, 10 November, 2009 - 00:18

I agree, you can't retire Louis when the novel isn't finished yet.

by Alias Cosplay on Tuesday, 10 November, 2009 - 09:47
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Liking the pics man, good job.

by Leadmill on Tuesday, 10 November, 2009 - 20:10
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This group was nothing short of amazing, beautiful work ^.^

by HotshotShan on Friday, 13 November, 2009 - 00:49
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Aww thanks ^_^

Aim: Ok, sidelined for now?

by sjbonnar on Saturday, 14 November, 2009 - 18:01
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O_O you must teach me the ways of a steampunker... I want to learn your secrets :P

by Limegreenjelly on Thursday, 1 April, 2010 - 21:31
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LMAO I have no secrets! I'm willing to tell all ^_^ But thank you!

by sjbonnar on Thursday, 1 April, 2010 - 22:13
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Nice ;)

by Angelbo on Thursday, 30 June, 2011 - 11:06
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This is actually one of my least favourite versions ^_^'

by sjbonnar on Thursday, 30 June, 2011 - 11:44
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omg this is awesome

by rosieroo on Thursday, 16 May, 2013 - 13:54
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Thank you very much!

by sjbonnar on Tuesday, 28 May, 2013 - 01:06

I just adore steampunk, this is great

by g123 on Sunday, 16 March, 2014 - 21:13