Costume :Jak
Source :Jak 3
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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I have really wanted to make and wear this costume as I have been a massive fan of Jak and Daxter since it came out.

Jak and Daxter was the first Playstation 2 games I ever owned and the first game I ever 100% completed.

I was so happy when I picked up Jak 3 just in time for the summer holidays so I had ages to complete it, which I did in short order as I enjoyed the game so much.


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I love Jak and Daxter! This is awesome. When you do this I want loads of photos. There is not enough Jak love out there!

Good luck!!!

by perfectly_purple on Monday, 9 November, 2009 - 00:56
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approved! This is one i've been looking at on and off for a while now too (got most the base materials for it actually).

May i suggest this website as a good place for any references you may need? Its the personal website of one of the big concept designers for the entire Jak series, and has alternate designs too, so as a Jak fan you'll probably find it quite interesting.

Possibly look at doing a collapsed hoverboard as a prop? Theres art for that too on that website, though i can't remember which game its under (probably 2 as thats when it first turned up)

by Junta on Sunday, 15 November, 2009 - 17:51
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If you are looking for ears this website sells some that are 10 inches long ^_^


by VeXerLINK on Friday, 4 June, 2010 - 00:26

To-Do List

Tank TopLowPlanned
Face MaskLowPlanned
Chest Ring and BeltsLowPlanned
Shoulder GuardsLowPlanned
Upper Arm ArmbandsLowPlanned
Forearm GaurdsLowPlanned
Waist BeltLowPlanned
Eye Brows and Side-burnsLowPlanned


Planning before doing = Good (Posted 9th November 2009)

I have begun to plan!

well at the moment all I'm doing is gathering information on how to make certain pieces that I don't know about. I am particularly worried about the ears I haven't managed to find anywhere that makes them large enough, they have to be at least 10 inches long!

If anyone knows about ears that big please comment!

I'm also thinking about what weapon I should have, theres 12 to choose from and they're all awesome.

Anyway thought process is some progress.