Kukai Souma
Shugo Chara!

Cosplayer: BakaBakaRangers

Variant: RETIRED

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

KitaCon 2010

Enchanting_ELK avatar

Enchanting_ELK - 1st January 2010
omgomg XD
I'm going as Amu!
XD I'm gunna have to glomp you if i see you hehe.

I look forward to seeing your costume! ^_^ x

Kannacchi avatar

Kannacchi - 5th January 2010
Kuukai is love <3

BlusterSquall avatar

BlusterSquall - 9th January 2010
Kukaaaiii~!!! Love! I can't wait to see this.

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 7th February 2010
You still doing this in may? <3

BakaBakaRangers avatar

BakaBakaRangers - 8th February 2010
If we can afford to get there, then yeah I'll try doing Kukai (not sky jack, too busy trying to start Ace x.x)

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 19th May 2010
Yaay! Kukaaai! 8D I rarely ever see Kukai cosplayers, so it was nice seeing this! :D

Enchanting_ELK avatar

Enchanting_ELK - 20th May 2010
It looks awesome!! ^w^

BakaBakaRangers avatar

BakaBakaRangers - 20th May 2010
Yaaaaay thank you~ 8D

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 3rd October 2010
kukaiii yay :) im supposed to be doin amu apparnetly sometime with an ikuto

Cattrocious avatar

Cattrocious - 4th January 2011
An actual Kukai cosplayer :D
It looks great! I'm cosplaying Amulet Spade at some point.

ProbablyHeather avatar

ProbablyHeather - 16th June 2011
It was my favourite out of all the ones I edited ;D