Costume :Kin Tsuchi
Source :Naruto
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2010

Costume Photos

MCM Expo, May 2010.

MCM Expo, May 2010.


Just Need Sandals


Costume Information

Cost : £46.98

My partner has wanted me to do something Naruto with him for a while now.
I began his Neji last year. He's a bit annoyed that I haven't completed it yet, so I promised him I would get it done ready for him in May 2010.

I am also making our little brother a Gaara costume complete with Gourd.

As for me, I am finally starting my Kin. Just hope I can pull her off, costume and cosplay. *thinks*

Private Shoot, May 2010 (with Gaara and Neji)
MCM Expo - Saturday, May 2010

WIG - '60" Witch Wig' [£8].
WIG BOW - Scrap of fabric.
HEADBAND - (using official one in the end) [£20].
LEG / ARM GAURDS - Lyrca left over from Syndrome (the Incredibles).
GILLET - Khaki Green fleece [£5], Grey cotton drill [£1] and White 8" zip (already had).
SCARF / TROUSERS / SKIRT - Cotton Grey Fabric [£4], black ready mix paint.
SANDLES - Black cotton drill [£5]. Flipflops [£2.99]. Paint.
NEEDLES - Knitting needles from my grans box. Bells [.99p]. thread.
LEG HOLSTER - Left over from a costume years ago.
BACK POUCH - Left over from Neji's shirt


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Can't wait to see this, you will be great.

I love Naruto. ^_^

by RebaSephiroth2 on Wednesday, 4 November, 2009 - 16:59
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thank you :D
and thank you for knowing who I was at expo last week.

by FlyingMammal on Wednesday, 4 November, 2009 - 18:57
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Your welcome, I will see you next year maybe. ^_^

by RebaSephiroth2 on Friday, 4 December, 2009 - 18:30
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Ooooh you dont see her cosplayed often :O

by Broseidon on Wednesday, 14 April, 2010 - 09:29
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yeah, I guess people don't take much notice of her. Not sure why. I'm planning to use her quite a bit so I hope I can go her justice.

by FlyingMammal on Wednesday, 14 April, 2010 - 15:02
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This is really looking awesome now! =D

by homesweethomicide13 on Friday, 23 April, 2010 - 01:06
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thank you thank you thank you!! I was a bit worried, but I have had a couple of good comments so I'm starting to think I'm just too picky. YAY I hope she is liked at expo :)
I just need to glue the sandles together and attach the shoulder bits.

by FlyingMammal on Friday, 23 April, 2010 - 15:45
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that looks very good good job there dear ^^

by Mothfox on Wednesday, 5 May, 2010 - 15:29
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I know this might be a little late, but I just had to say how fantastic this is!

by Varia on Thursday, 25 April, 2013 - 22:10

To-Do List

Sew Bandage and Poppers!HighComplete
FABRIC for shoulders?HighComplete
FABRIC Light Grey heavy weight smoooth HighComplete
FABRIC Khaki Green Fleece HighComplete
FABRIC purpleHighComplete
FINISH sandlesHighComplete
Make Trousers/SkirtMediumComplete
Headband MADE/ORDEREDMediumComplete
REDO turn over for third time? lolLowComplete
BUY bellsLowComplete
BUY/FIND needles and invisible tring LowComplete
any extra bits ?LowComplete
FIND OUT black paintLowComplete
Paint Camo PrintLowComplete
Make Leg guardsLowComplete
Make Arm guardsLowComplete
Make GilletLowComplete
Sort WigLowComplete
Tie Bow againLowComplete


tests - 15 May 2010. (Posted 15th May 2010)

tested wig with made headband as everyone that 'voted' chose A.
alsomake up testing :)

wahooo Kin is ready and waiting.

13 May 2010 (Posted 13th May 2010)

Which headband do you think looks better. Leave me a comment A or B.

(A is more practical)

- Finished MADE headband...
(Managed a trip to Hobby Crafts and got some purple fabric -perfect for headband YAY!)


07 May 2010. (Posted 7th May 2010)

Today I managed a walk to and around the village (but not the way back). YAY! Further than last week.
I got two things on my list: banages for Neji and Gaara (as we didn't have enough) and 2 pairs of flip flops for Gaara and Kin.

Sooo. I don't need to use my professional flipflops ;) (inside joke)..
- Cut off the straps.
- Painted the annoying flower pattern with Chaos Black GamesWorkshop paint.
- lined up the fabric I'd already sewn a while back, hemmed the bottom of it and then hotglued it to the flipflop.

Here are Kin's completed Sandals.

05 May 2010 (Posted 5th May 2010)

Spent this morning tidying bits up, sewing on poppers to the pouches and tacking the bandage onto the leg. - Just so it's quicker and more secure on the day.

I then tried everything on (except sandles). OH MY, I am deffinatly going to use the headband I made. The official one, takes over my forehead, it sat funny, then kept falling down, but most of all my wig wouldn't sit right.
I'm sad about it... but well hopfully my one will be ok :( Boooo! Stupid headbands!!!
Flippin hecks, look at the photos you'll see what I mean..
I'll try my headband later decide which I like better.
Although in my pics I took, the wig caught over the back pouch - I didn't have anyone around to help me.

01 May 2010. (Posted 2nd May 2010)

Eek 4 weeks until expo!

Added poppers to both the holster and pouch/trousers.
Added banadges to leg - sewed them on to save time on the day.

30 April 2010. (Posted 30th April 2010)

Shoulder pads (not sure what to call them) are done. The grey cotton drill I used in the end is a bit dark but it doesn't look as bad as I thought. Sewed a tube, turned it over and sewed together.

I also messed about with the 'turn over' on the bottom of the gillet again. I'm now happier with it. :)

29 April 2010. (Posted 29th April 2010)

My headband arrived. I also ordered one for Gaara, but they sent me a Leaf Village instead of Sand, so having to send that back.

27 April 2010 (Posted 27th April 2010)

As I thought.. loads of love to TokyoToys!!
They were getting some sound headbands ordered for me, and so I've been looking on the site every few days. Last night (as my last entry says) I finished the metal for my headband.. typical, today after hospital I go online thinking 'why are you checking again you only looked last night' and there we have it SOUND HEADBANDS IN STOCK :D:D:D:D:D:D Goooo TT!!!
Anyways, I'm made mine, so I'll then decide which I want to wear. Probably the official one although I like my 'symbol' better haha.

26 April 2010. (Posted 26th April 2010)

A certain shop was ordering some official ones in, but I'm guessing with the whole volcano ash they haven't got them yet. *SHRUGS* REALLY hope I get one before expo as what I've made really looks bad...

I made the holes in the metal, drew on 'Sound' symbol in marker (which seems to be rubbing off - AGHHH where's my sharpie?). and put the pins though.
I made a black headband (see entry somewhere down the page), but I think I will try and get some deep purple to be picky..


Yes I've said it a few times, but this was ment to be just a cosplay for fun with my partner and brother. I've just found myself wanting to make it perfect, and that's not happened. I was so sure about it, and lots of things have gone wrong. Like having to use ready mix paint - BAD IDEA!, not having fabric I want, the whole headband.. I can see me remaking this after expo. Or the night before!

*shouts at self* RUTHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You've had nice comments so SHUT IT! ;)

26 April 2010. (Posted 26th April 2010)

Yesterday I made a template and one half of the leg holster, and today made the other half.
USED: black letherlette, two buttons - painted black, valcro and black card.

I added black card inside to hold it in shape but not sure I like it.
I pondered for days... weeks.. over just how big to do them, looking at many references and screenshots... I finally stopped being picky and just went with 2.5 inches wide. I decided this as I might make some shuriken which I believe to be that wide. *shrugs*

Ohh and I have remade Neji's sandles. Just need my partners feet so I can glue them together. (the fabric and the soul, not his feet)

23 April 2010 (Posted 23rd April 2010)

I made these two back pouches yesterday. One for Kin, One for Neji.

Today I found two buttons in my button box. I cleaned them up with fairy liquid, some pliers (to hold the buttons) and a washing up sponge. I think the buttons are old so I couldn't get all the muck off, I think the colour has stained. It doesn't show much in the photo which is good.

Cut button holes, sewed them up by hand, and then hand sewed the button.

21 April 2010.. (Posted 22nd April 2010)

Just making sure they are alright

20 April 2010. (Posted 20th April 2010)

Finished the trousers/skirt now. So that's all the painting done! YAY!
I'm just very worried about the paint... PLEASE DO NOT RAIN!!!

Fabric paint enjoyed spreading its self throughout the fabric so I am now regretly having to use *hides* ready mixed paint - [please don't let it rain].

IS IT BAD? (Posted 19th April 2010)

Is it bad that I want to totally start this over..

Just being too picky

11 April 2010. (Posted 11th April 2010)

I painted the cow print on the scarf.
I have also cut the trousers to the right length.

07 April 2010 (Posted 7th April 2010)

Felt up to going out, so I asked my parents to come on a trip to the fabric shop. Mistake on a personal level!

However, I got some light grey fabric and when I got back I made the trousers, skirt and scarf.

The scarf had wadding inside as it is flimsy fabric.

My camera is rubbish, so the colour doesn't look right in the photo.. you get the idea though.

22 March 2010. (Posted 22nd March 2010)

Re-did the bottom of the gillet. Took in the sides. Erm, now the shoulders don't quite sit right - but will fix that once I have another spurt of energy.

I am no longer using the needles I bought, I found some better ones in a box of my mums stuff.

12 march 2010 (Posted 12th March 2010)

I almost have sandals.. I need to buy some new flipflop/sandals but I tested them with ones I use for holidays.

I have half a headband, waiting to borrow a pin vice. Although I think Kin's headband might actually be dark purple?????????????????????????

I'm really worried I'm not going to get her done, the fabrics I have aren't the right colours, and a I can't leave the house I'm a bit worried... I did cut out one lot of fabric but as I was doing it I hated the colour. The colour is bluey grey, it's odd.. it looks different in daylight and lamps.. I dunno... *shrugs*

I have unpicked the bottom of her gillet. I just can't get the sides to 'not puff out so much' .. I don't like the join I did on the front either. I might take off the bottom and make one stripe to go around instead. Not sure I have enough fabric left to do this but I'll have a look later.

03 march 2010 (Posted 3rd March 2010)

YAY! My new wig arrived last week. I actually REALLY REALLY like it. It's better than I thought it would be.
Today I gave it a good brush, and put some hair ties in the end. I will tie the bow again once I am wearing it.

60" <3

20 february 2010 (Posted 20th February 2010)

my partner was a star and has just ordered me a new wig.. fingers crossed it's as nice as it looks. I only just realised Kin's hair is much longer than I thought.

25 January 2010 (Posted 25th January 2010)

Finished the gillet..
Not sure I'm happy.

.. edit, thats a lie, just thought I need the shoulder bits.

24 January 2010 (Posted 24th January 2010)

The fabric came yesterday.
After some questioning with myself, Shaun and my sister we decided it was an ok colour, and I can't be bothered to be picky anymore.
So today I spent an hour cuting and sewing the gillet. It's almost done just I need to take it in slightly. Will be done tomorrow, as I ran out of energy.

21 January 2010 (Posted 21st January 2010)

I finally ordered (well my sister did) some Khaki Green fleece for the gillet. Let's hope it's the colour I wanted, been looking around for months everywhere.. no doubt I'll get this then find it in tons of places..

07 November 2009. (Posted 10th November 2009)

Myself, my partner and his brother embarked on a mission, a mission that didn't have that good outcome.

We went into Fabric Land in Southampton, and well... after 40minutes um'ing, ah'ing, looking around a million times we came away with only a few bits from my double A4 sided list.

For Kin: Thread to use on the top.
But no fleece or any fabric like the colour needed. It does mean I have something to take with me when looking for the right colour to sample from.

Also went to Hobby Crafts
For Kin: 6 x 2mm / 30cm Knitting needles.

They had no silver bells left, but at least I know I can get the ones I want from there.

05 November 2009 b (Posted 5th November 2009)

I now have a bow.
Just some light purple poly fabric tied in a bow. Also have a hair band under the bow holding the hair in place. The bow is taced together. Fingers crossed it will survive.
My camera really didn't pick up the colour properly. I'll need to re-tie the bow at a later date anyway, and so I may change to a darker pruple.

05 November 2009. (Posted 5th November 2009)

Both armguards are done, made from Black lycra.

04 November 2009. (Posted 4th November 2009)

I had some left over Black Lycra from Syndrome so I decided I could use this for Kin's wrist and shin gaurds (not sure what you call them.)

So within half hour I made both shin and one wrist guard. I'll make the other tomorrow morning, due to people sleeping.

NOTE TO SELF: I need to make the wrist guard 2cm shorter.

04 November 2009. (Posted 4th November 2009)

My local fabric shop, have begun to get more costume/dress fabrics in. SO, with everything now it is, I rushed this morning and got a lift with ym sister.

Apparently they have run out of a lot of basic fabrics over Halloween. The usual guy helped me a lot and we had our usual F1 chat. They are waiting for their delivery, which the owner was chasing it up while we were there. I think by the time they get it I will have been to Southampton's large store.

Anyways, in the end I got some fabrics for Dream Finder and a small peice of fabric for Kin's hair bow... BUT even though i took lists and samples, I bought purple that's too light. With rushing this morning too I got in a confuddle.

Oh a better note, I am going to use my 'Jasmine' wig for Kin, so I've taken everything off and I tried it on using my partners Neji headband.
(I couldn't tie the headband so in the photo I am holding it. Also, I tied a bow with a shoelace to see how it would hang)