Costume :Nero
Source :Devil May Cry 4
Progress :Planned
Worn At :Grand Cosplay Ball 2009

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Full view nero (ref)

Red Queen

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Costume Information

Cost : £75
Time Taken : 3 hours

Gonna make a nero cosplay and do it ALL by moi self might attempt to make things light up.... gonna have to look at lcds and if deperation calls fairy lights!!! xDDD why do i make a challenge for myself >,<;


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This hand was made for sending guys like you straight back to hell! And ... Now...You...DIE!

by TheEuropean on Saturday, 28 November, 2009 - 13:40

To-Do List

Make Sword frame/basic shapeMediumIn Progress
Make Neros Hooded VestMediumPlanned
Make The Devil BringerMediumPlanned
Make Neros Coat JacketMediumPlanned


Modelling clay and Light Plaster (Posted 3rd November 2009)

kay working on the sword a bit getting the ring part of the hilt... i think its called, might make it thick enough to put some electrical components in oh and bought some basic electrical circuit kit to get a bit of know how and understanding of building circuit boards now to experiment with the clay and plastic >;D

patterns (Posted 2nd November 2009)

okay so made a pattern for the inner shirt just wondering if it should be long sleeve or should i leave it sleeveless, think i need some red leather for it and some sort of backing material. also i think using expanding foam for a body clone has failed i dont think i can get the money to buy a manniquin dummy @,@;;;; guess i could experiment with other materials.... bleh! >,<