Costume :R. Dorothy Wayneright
Variant :Black dress
Source :Big O
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

Cost : £11.50
Time Taken : Around 15-16 hours

I've considered cosplaying this for years, ever since Big O was aired on TV in the UK! I thought Dorothy was awesome but Visual Kei cosplays always took precedence...until now!
I had nearly everything I needed for this cosplay--fabrics, interfacing, zips, cotton--and the hairband was an old one and the buttons I pinched from Mum's button box.

Headband: Old hairband recovered (easiest part of whole cosplay)

Dress: A bit of a headache, I worked from the same pattern I've used for lots of other cosplays. The skirt didn't end up as full as I'd hoped, but wearing a underskirt helped to puff it out a little. The buttons on the 'belt' were re-covered with the same fabric as the dress.

Collar/cuffs/jabot: Collar didn't end up as big and pointy as I was attempting and was a pain in the butt to affix (lots of babble about the collar on the journal for this costume; I changed my mind a lot!). The cuffs I decided to cut straight after being unable to make the nice, curved ones come out properly! As for the jabot, despite making one before with no trouble, this one was a nightmare; I ended up cutting it up umpteen times before being happy with what I produced!

Brooch: Gachapon lid! It used to be part of the microphone for my Ghost cosplay; after a little cutting/sanding I painted it green and attached a back + brooch back.

Didn't cosplay this at any particular event, made it for fun really (despite the headache!)


You will do this so well! I cannot wait to see it! Dorothy is awesome!

by on Thursday, 22 October, 2009 - 00:27
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ROGER? Awesome to see some great Big O cosplay ^^

by Manjou on Monday, 16 November, 2009 - 16:45
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Uwow! You do her so perfectly! Well done x3 Glad to see some Big O cosplays!

by Solaria on Monday, 16 November, 2009 - 19:44
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Thats a one up for choosing classic anime right there and another one for looking spot on, well done!

by Captain_Marvelous on Monday, 16 November, 2009 - 20:27
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I remember Dorothy and this series!!!! :D
Nicely done. and thanks for reminding me of an awesome series!

by JakeX on Wednesday, 27 January, 2010 - 19:56

To-Do List

Make collar and sew in buttons on dress neckline to attachHighComplete
Cover headbandHighComplete
Make belt (w/ buttons) and sew to dressHighComplete
Make skirt and sew to dressHighComplete
Make bodice (sans sleeves)HighComplete
Add sleeves (incl. cuffs)HighComplete
Make jabotHighComplete
Find/make broochHighComplete
Buy shoesHighComplete


Much better (Posted 8th November 2009)

Hacked up the collar today and sewed it to the dress with a much better result. Also hacked up the jabot and made it look better, haha. Hurrah!
Repainted the thing I'm using for the brooch too, so all in all today was productive and non-stressful cosplay-wise.

Not Happy (Posted 7th November 2009)

I am not happy with this cosplay. The collar and jabot aren't right and the brooch is giving me a headache (though I finally found something to make it with). Am thinking I might have to redo the collar and jabot, which I am not looking forward to. Alternatively, I suppose I could chop up the collar and sew it onto the neckline of the dress, with a gap at the back where the zip goes. It wouldn't be 'perfect' but I think it'll look better...
As for the jabot, I'm trashing the original one and using a jabot that came with a shirt I bought in Camden. It's the right sort of size so I'm not going to waste time making something I already have!

Brooch (Posted 2nd November 2009)

I am having a really dumb..I dunno, fortnight or something! Since I can't for the life of me think of how to make Dorothy's brooch. I considered a lightweight air-drying clay but it won't give me the right texture and will look horrible even when painted up!
Really I think I need a piece of plastic the right shape and size, but not sure where to start on that...

The shoes turned up last week during my time in the dark ages of no phone and no internet (the phone line disintegrated!) and they're marvellous. If anyone with big feet happens to read this, big shoe boutique is a nice cheap place for shoes lol The flats I got are so comfortable!

Headaches and pricked fingers (Posted 26th October 2009)

Having faffed around with the detachable collar today, I have decided -never again-!!! I'm not completely happy with it--same goes for the jabot thingy.
Again my ability to -use- the brains I was born with seemed to be in the land of nod, I messed up on the jabot so many times when it should have been the simplest part of the cosplay! I can't understand how I made such a mess of it! It ended up looking okay though; I think I'll just pin it on so it can be removed if necessary.

Of all the stuff I did today, recovering an old headband was probably the easiest (even though I pricked my fingers on dressmaking pins and the needle multiple times!)
I've had a knackered old metal hairband kicking around for years and was actually going to chuck it out, then realised it'd be fine for recovering. Basically I glued some fabric to a piece of thin card the same size as the hairband, then used the hairband as a frame to sew the fabric onto (well it beats spending several pounds on one from claire's!)

Am most concerned now about finding a suitable brooch (or something that can be turned into a brooch) and also the shoes!

Argh (Posted 24th October 2009)

After making the skirt part of the dress too big originally, it's now too small, argh! Where has my brain been today?!
It fits on the waist, but has ended up too straight-cut everywhere else. Arrrrrrrgh.
Will have to sew in another section on each side I think, to give it more oomph.
I forsee lots of unpicking tomorrow...

This is SO frustrating! The dress looks really ghetto, too. Gaaah. *headdesk*

Fabrics for free, whee! (Posted 22nd October 2009)

Realised that thanks to my constant over-buying of...well, everything involving sewing, I already have the necessary fabric, zip etc for the dress! I even have buttons that will be suitable for the belt, once I've covered them with fabric (yoinked from mum's button box!)

Have decided to make the bodice and skirt of the dress separately, and join it together with the belt (which will be sewn on as part of the dress).
I've got the bodice under way but it needs a lot of adjustment!

As for the headband, I've got an old one that I'm going to try to cover, rather than buying a new one.

So if all of that goes to plan, all I've got to buy is some shoes!