Costume :Flora
Source :Professor Layton and Pandora's Box
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon III (2011)

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Cost : £15

Loving the game at the moment and Flora's so sweet! Just need a Professor and Luke to hang out with ^_^

Just finished the game...gutted she's not in it more! >.< But it has given me a great reference picture I can carry round in my DS!

Am going to use my own hair for this! ^_^


Oh my god, she is so cute! :D It will really suit you, cutie! x

by on Sunday, 4 October, 2009 - 17:12
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Awww thanks Miiol! ^_^

by perfectly_purple on Sunday, 13 December, 2009 - 23:03
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Oh noes about the dress! :O Good luck in fixing it! <3

by Telly on Saturday, 27 February, 2010 - 00:11

To-Do List

Dress HighComplete
Buy new BootsHighPlanned
Bag of PuzzlesLowPlanned


No Boots (Posted 27th March 2011)

Ack couldn't find any boots I liked but I will keep trying. I've been meaning to get some new ones anyone so it's an excuse to buy some really nice ones - just a shame it's in spring/summer and so there aren't many places selling boots. *sigh*

I did acquire a £4 plain white top in BHS and I'm going to unpick the sleeves and attach them to the dress. Score!

Then some handsewing and done.

I'm on the hunt for some puzzles to carry round with me as well ^_^

List of what is left to do (Posted 25th March 2011)

Okay my old boots don't fit (to be fair they are a good 8/9 years old now) so I shall have to find a new pair - cheap too. That will be done on Sunday. I've added sleeves so to finish is:

- hem the (pink/peach) sleeves
- hem the bottom of dress
- add collar
- add lace trim and buttons
- red wait bow
- repair three small holes

As for the white sleeves, I'm going to cheat and buy a cheap long sleeved white top and chop of the arms! Mwahaha! *cough*

Weight Loss Win (Posted 25th March 2011)


That fail dress? It fits! Going to finish the rest of the dress of today for Kita next weekend, with same_difference as my Layton. I need to buy some puzzles!

So very very happy right now!

Flora V.2 (Posted 11th July 2010)

Having acquired more fabric (finally) and am hoping (but not expecting) to wear this to the Cosplay Clubnight.

Should be easy to do since I've already done it once before. Just need to remember to make it bigger and figure out how to do the collar better.

A Low Point (Posted 27th February 2010)

The dress won't fit.

I'm going to have to re-make it.

Feeling pretty crap at the moment.

Argh! (Posted 12th February 2010)

So the bottom edge is finished save for the final hemming and looks pretty good! It makes me think of an ice-cream sandwich to look at it! ^_^

Annoyingly though, having tried the dress on (one side stitched, the other un-stitched) I have found that it might be too small... Now I haven't added the zip yet so that may change things. But if it doesn't I can see I will have to do more unpicking and possibly adding in a panel to make it wider...but I'm worried it will look odd if I have an extra panel on one side and not the other...Hmmmm what to do?

Bottom Edge Stripes (Posted 11th February 2010)

Is there anything more frustrating than sewing a length of something only to find that it isn't right and you have to unpick the whole thing?

Yeah that's what I've found. Am currently half-way though the unpicking...but will get the bottom edge stripes finished tonight and hopefully the dress. Then it'll just be ribbons, sleeves and possibly hair extensions to make the quiff of DOOM!!!

Flimsy patterns are the bane of my life (Posted 9th February 2010)

I hate tissue paper patterns. I really do. Simplicity patterns? Yeah right. Annoying patterns more like. Grrrr.

Regardless of my hatred of flimsy patterns I made a start on Flora over the weekend. At first I had issues since the pattern had pockets. But on closer inspection of reference pictures (of which there are 2 not including the DS image I have which doesn't show the top half) it appears the dress has no seams - at all. So I figured I could take a few liberties with the dress since, hey it'll look like how it would if she wore it in the real world. Plus pockets are v. useful!

I've managed to get the front and back halves attached at the shoulders but can't proceed until I have zips otherwise I won't be able to put it on. Still it's close now!

The front piece looked like an apron for a while! Teehee!