Costume :Koyama Mitsuki
Variant :Volume 2 cover
Source :Full Moon O Sagashite
Progress :Complete
Worn At :FuyuCon 2009

Costume Photos

Fly Away


Autumn Colours

Reference Picture


Costume Information

Cost : £4.50
Time Taken : 8hrs

Duuurh, nice simple costume for general outing at Fuyu? Yes please!
I'm sticking this up in complete now because I highly doubt I will ever complete it, nor do I think I will ever wear it again because for me - this is so incredibly girly and it feels downright weird wearing it lol! (And the fact that I cannot be bothered to finish it lolol *shot*)

1.5m Checkered polycotton - £4.50
Everything else was in my scraps pile!

The blouse I had bought from Matalan ages ago, I then modified it by unpicking the sleeves and sewing on puffy sleeves. I then added on the ruffles to the bottom. As a result, you can see the difference in black ORZ.

The black skirt is my Tomoyo skirt which I painted the details for.
For the checkered overskirt I cut the fabric in half to make one long strip and literally pleated it on so that I could get the volume it needed (and to match the style of the black underskirt as that was pleated also). This was then sewn onto the black skirt and I made a checkered waistband for it.

Boots are my own.
Hair is my own although I couldn't make the style right. I would have preferred to use a wig all the way and style it myself but I didn't see the need to if it's just for a casual costume that I was only going to wear once and my hair is the right length and style as Mitsuki's anyway!


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Oooh I'm glad youre doing this one, her hair is SO pretty *o*
I'll be happy to be your hairdresser ¦D

by Charlie-Bear on Monday, 28 September, 2009 - 18:04
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That skirt is awesome! I actually want one *__*
You look too cute for words =D

by shigures high school girl on Sunday, 4 October, 2009 - 17:44

To-Do List

Make checkered skirtHighComplete
Modify blouseHighComplete
Paint details on skirtMediumComplete
Ruffles on blouseMediumPlanned
Make slave I mean, Charlie practise styling my hairLowPlanned
Make winged star propLowPlanned
Make black strips for skirtLowPlanned


04/09/2009 - Blouse (Posted 4th October 2009)

Wahey, did more work. These ruffles and little details are driving me insane though. But at least I get to gun fabric through the machine rather than endlessly painting little squiggles on a 3m long skirt. So I'm not going to complain as much x'D

I need to do more ruffles on the front and then that's it. The collar isn't accurate - I may change it depending on how I'm feeling. But if that's the case I'm going to need a trip to Fine Fabrics for some black cotton because all I have is polycotton. I'd rather use a heavyweight fabric rather than have to interface it, because I'm lazy like that =P

Time Taken - 2hrs? Lost track! (Ouran was distracting me lolol)

P.S. It looks way better on me than it does on the floor X_x; But I cannot be bothered to get changed for it is freezing! Not to mention my hair is still wet from my shower and I do not want to put it up in pigtails =P

03/10/2009 - Skirt and blouse (Posted 3rd October 2009)

It's a start!

The black skirt was taken from my Tomoyo cosplay - it was a black pleated skirt from polycotton so it wasn't really proper pleats. The checkered skirt is also polycotton and made the same way as a pleated skirt. Again, due to its lightness it doesn't really give proper pleats - it worked for this costume though.

The white detailing on the black skirt were what took away most of my time away. I could have gone for the pretty/impressive method of embroidering it all. But no I went for the lazy/unimpressive method of painting it with acrylic paint, just because I had loads left over from GCSE Art! While it's not as impressive as embroidery it still looks good in my opinion, I did lose a bit of my sanity though.

The checkered skirt is actually sewn together with the black skirt.

I decided to make a start on the blouse too. I used some leftover polycotton to make the ruffles at the bottom of her blouse. It's a different shade of black to the actual blouse but it will do - I'm not going to nitpick about a casual costume. If it shows up in photos then photoshop will be done LOLL.
I'll modify the rest of the blouse when I can be bothered - but it's nice to have a before and after image!

Time Taken - 6hrs
Cost - Nothing!

Dear me I look scary in my progress photo lolol~