Costume :Darth Revan
Source :Knights of the Old Republic
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :Collectormania London 2010

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Revan WIP


Finished mask

Armour progress


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Have wanted to make this costume for ages!


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Cant wait to see this I love KOTOR

by CALLAMON on Sunday, 26 September, 2010 - 14:11
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Must get pics of you when I finish my Luke Skywalker! :) very excited to see this!

by Captain_Marvelous on Thursday, 14 October, 2010 - 17:28
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If you need any help with this costume..working out how the cape and cowl work let me know as ive done this costume for someone -


by sakara on Saturday, 20 November, 2010 - 02:04

To-Do List

Finish hakamaHighComplete
Find &amp; add visor to maskHighComplete
Make/buy &amp;amp; modify shirtHighComplete
Add straps to armourHighComplete
Paint maskHighComplete
Finish cowlHighIn Progress
Make capeHighPlanned
Make sashesHighPlanned
Buy contactsMediumComplete
Make lightsaber hiltMediumIn Progress
Weather armourLowComplete


Missed Expo (Posted 3rd November 2010)

Unfortunately I couldn't go to the MCM Expo on Sunday after all, because of a pile-up of uni work. :(
At least this gives me lots of time to finish the costume properly!

Now I'm hoping to wear this to Collectormania in a couple of weeks. We'll see how that goes!

Only two weeks left! D: (Posted 14th October 2010)

The armour is almost done; I need to finish painting the mask and then I think I'm going to weather it all a bit before adding the straps etc.

I've almost finished the hakama but I've yet to start on the cloak, shirt and sashes, and I've only got two weeks left! It's going to be a close thing, as uni work comes first.

The cowl and short capelet thingy are giving me some trouble at the moment, because I can't quite get them to drape right.

I suspect there are going to be parts of this costume that I'll want to redo again when I've got more time, but it's not turning out too badly.

Armour progress (Posted 20th September 2010)

Making good progress on the armour bits. The hand guards have been cast in plastic, and I've made the molds for the arm guards.
The plaster bandage and clay chest armour is drying as I type this.

Haven't started on the mask yet, though! Having my sister make a lifecast of my face tomorrow morning so I can hopefully sculpt the mask tomorrow afternoon.

Painting it all might still be problematic.. Haven't found the right colours yet.

I've only got a week to finish it all due to having to move back to uni, so I'm really hoping I can finish the fabric parts quickly. :\