Costume :Rolo Lamperouge
Variant :Various
Source :Code Geass R2
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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One of my favourite characters from Code Geass R2. I loved him more after his death TT^TT
I want to cosplay as him to show some more love for Rolo and to stalk Nii-san of course 8DD;; *shot*

[ EDIT.12.02.10 ]

I want to do more outfits for Rolo but I'll keep on to complete until I actually get started on it, not sure when I will though. Maybe for the next JAF in July :3


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Rolo Wig V2 (Posted 30th August 2009)

Early this year, I did a Rolo wig test, without it being cut or styled at all, only because I didn't know if I should cut the wig or not. I eventually did and bang! Here's Rolo!
Yasmin spent an hour cutting and styling this wig for Rolo. Thank you sooo much, Yasmin >3< <33 The only problem I'm facing about it, is the actual colour but I'll just use this wig for now. Pretty much the side and front view of the wig I'm showing.
Please mind my shirt, I wasn't bothered wearing my Ashford uniform when I was taking pictures xD;; *shot*

I hope you like ^^