Costume :Bridget
Source :Guilty Gear
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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I first played Guilty Gear X2 some time in 2003 and I instantly fell in love with Bridget. He's my main on GG and I love setting traps with my yoyos and closing in with his teddy bear Roger for the kill! I've had him on my cosplay list all these years and although not many people really care about Guilty Gear anymore I really want to cosplay him. Luckily a few of my friends still really love this game so hopefully they'll join me for a small group one day <3


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haha, my brother wants to cosplay him too XD
I hope yours goes successfully.

by Mocha-Berrytan on Tuesday, 27 May, 2008 - 21:23
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yay for brigdet

by 1000014 on Wednesday, 30 July, 2008 - 15:30
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This makes me happy that you are doing this! :D
Guilty Gear group ahoy?

by eternal_aranel on Wednesday, 2 December, 2009 - 20:13
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Bridget ftw. You'll do a fantastic job i just know it! <3

by glittergalaxy on Thursday, 1 July, 2010 - 01:40
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I'm still up for ABA if this is happening!! <3

by Exelia on Tuesday, 31 January, 2012 - 17:59
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Only just noticed you had this - Sol is still very much on my "must eventually do" list even though I am horrifically dire at any fighting game =P

by Junta on Wednesday, 11 July, 2012 - 17:25