Costume :Pronyma
Source :Tales of Symphonia
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Auchinawa 2006

Costume Photos

Free From Restraints

Pronyma Masquerade


Pronyma Kiss


Costume Information

Cost : £80
Time Taken : 25 hours

This costume has many titles. The first costume I made on my own, the first costume my sowing machine ever christened, the costume that would not be completed, and the costume that-ate-Luki's-wallet.

I had a great time with the Tales of Symphonia group at Amecon 05, so we all ended up deciding to do bad guys next year. However, I couldn't get Pronyma done (a.k.a couldn't get my mother to agree to letting me use her machine and wouldn't make if for me, so had to wait until university started and I got a loan to buy my own) to make it in time for Auchinawa that year.

My first issue was reference art. There is none. For such an important character within Cruxis she gets frightfully little screen time, and no original artwork. So I had to rely on the sparse few screenshots I could find, and with each I found a new detail to try to bring in.

The easiest part was the main body. I had a fairy decent idea on how to make the main body. A navy leotard and a red turtleneck were easy enough to find, but the modifications were slightly harder. I completely ruined the top part when I tried to cut corners and not hem up the gold pads which resulted in fraying, and only got worse when I tried to glue the problem away (which is viciously noticable if you get close). The red fabric is also very thin and needed far more support to keep it where it needed to be. Not helped by the fact that I forgot about her side guards until the very last moment, so they were very shoddily made and I didn't have time to line her roping properly with the pins.

The gloves were a godsend, found in Glasgow. Pronyma's actual gloves are mostly blue with an underlay of red, but none of my glove making skills were up to par, and Pronyma is so obscure thanks to the lack of pictures, that nobody realised. The gold cuffs were the only part of the mod-glove that actually survived.

The boots on the other hand, were the bane of my existence. I first bought a pair of old shoes that would be easy to walk in, only to realise that there was no way I could make an accurate covering for them. However, I already HAD a pair of boots that were the right shape at the front and the right colour. The downside is that they were of that wrinkly, bulky make that is popular for some unknown reason, which meant the covering had to be bulky. In the end the covering had three parts in order to get it on my leg. The top, the gold joiner, and the part covering the boot.

I spent so much time on the boots that the wig ended up paying the price. Instead of the rather elaborate headdress Pronyma has, I made up something with the excess of fabric from the boots, some paper, and a few cheap jems and felt.

And finally, the wings. My original plan was to make a cloak out of mesh that the could be stitched onto, but then Redkun suggested that I make a harness using a hula hoop and some fishing wire. The logic was sound, and I knew that I had the perfect material to make the wings from (the plastic used to seperate milk in supermarkets - the best cosplay bargain ever), so after buying THE MOST EXPENSIVE HULA HOOP EVER - seriously, there ARE no simple hula hoops anymore, and ten metres of wire from an accessories store, I got to work.

Due to the make of the plastic, I couldnt stitch the fabric on, so it got the glue, and thanks to lack of time, I couldn't make the elaborate detail on the inside of the wings so it was merely spray painted gold with one paper decoration. The biggest disappointment was the big blue gems meant to be on the wings - I couldn't find a better substitute than blue felt. They also took forever. I was still working on them the first two nights of the convention, and took 2 hours just to attach them to the harness.

Although I got a lot of compliments for this costume, it was uncomfortable, shoddily finished, and the harness was either banging into things or breaking apart.

That said, there is a big part of me that wants to take out another £80, go back and finish what I didn't. For Amecon 07 I bought yellow vinyl to replace the gold as it had a better finish, but it never went anywhere. Hopefully, I will eventually go back and make Pronyma V.2.


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