Costume :Yoshitaka "Maora" Ichinomiya
Variant :School Uniform
Source :Shinshi Doumei Cross/The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

Maora is my favourite character from these series and I love him to bits <33
I plan to do the Postman version too, as well as the school uniform. So far, I got the wig but I'll put him in planned since I don't know when I'll get him started or done. I did a small Maora test with my sister as Maguri and it was very fun. Hope you like ^^

[ EDIT 07.01.10 ]

Since last year, I've decided to keep on track of my cosplays but writing the dates down when I update it a bit as some of you can tell already XD

Um..yes, just thought about an update here for Mao. Yas and I decided when we're going to work on our Maguri and Mao cosplays this year, so can't wait for that 8D

Various outfits that I'd like to do for Mao~ (Thought I should keep a list here for future reference and if I forget, it'll be here XD)

Summer and Winter Uniform~
Postmanplz ;D <3
Artbook version (I have a pretty good idea which one to do :3)

...Yeah that's it but it'll the uniform I'll work on first ^^


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ahhhhh Maora is so cute! I can't wait to see how this turns out - there should be more love for gentleman's alliance cross then their is! Especially since the uniforms are all so cute :P

by gaming_goddess on Saturday, 22 August, 2009 - 08:00
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I can't wait to see you as mao-chan >W< you're gonna look so awesome

by Dusttee on Tuesday, 15 September, 2009 - 21:52
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@gaming_goddess; So true. I totally agree ^^ Indeed there should be more love! 8D
Same, I hope it turns out okay.

@Dusttee; Same here >w< Thank you very much <33

by x-xTsuki-Yuki on Wednesday, 16 September, 2009 - 00:45
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...-reads jounral- D: CLEAN YOUR ROOM AND FIND THE WIG D: and i can do a shoot whenever as i'm all sorted |D just gotta add that badge cause its bugging me XD
Still can't wait for this though~

by Dusttee on Monday, 14 December, 2009 - 18:47
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i read the first chapter the other day and i love it 8DD
pm me if there's a character you think i could cosplay~~♥

by KonohaKunoichi94 on Monday, 14 December, 2009 - 19:44
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@Jo: I will 8D;;
I've yet to make mine, as well as Yas needs to get Maguri started as well 83 lol
Thank you, same here x3

@Nikki: Awesomeness! That's good to hear :D
It's so cool, isn't it?
Cool I will ^^

by x-xTsuki-Yuki on Monday, 14 December, 2009 - 21:29
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i meant for the future silly XD

by Dusttee on Monday, 14 December, 2009 - 21:39
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Lol *shot*
Yes, the futureeeee! 8D;

by x-xTsuki-Yuki on Monday, 14 December, 2009 - 21:54
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Great to see Gentlemen's Alliance cosplay and especially the supporting characters. Maora <3

by Amy-Lou on Tuesday, 15 December, 2009 - 11:24
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Same here, seeing how there isn't much fans from these series at all D;
Thanks :D

by x-xTsuki-Yuki on Tuesday, 15 December, 2009 - 11:46
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can't wait to see this! i love mao!~
i love seeing GA cosplays too~ 8'3

by LemonPanda on Friday, 1 October, 2010 - 10:41
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foenfoe bawh thank you ;3;~ <3
Same here 8D

by x-xTsuki-Yuki on Sunday, 3 October, 2010 - 19:45

To-Do List

Buy wig HighComplete
Make school jacketHighPlanned
Buy white materialHighPlanned
Buy yellow materialHighPlanned
Buy black materialHighPlanned
Buy or make yellow skirtHighPlanned
Buy red tie or red ribbon (works either way XD)MediumPlanned
Buy black zipMediumPlanned
Make hair accessories (sp)MediumPlanned
Buy yellow socksLowPlanned


Lost?! D8 (Posted 14th December 2009)

I tried to find my brown wig and was going to style it but I couldn't find it D;
I think I put it somewhere but I'm not sure, seeing how our room is a mess lol
I might buy another brown wig for Mao because I don't want to use the same one for Kira/Teito, seeing it would be a problem but yeah.
I want to cosplay as Mao soon but I can't seem to find a time to actually do it. I'll ask the other members and see when we can actually do a shoot. Emperor, are you reading this? 83 lol
I have an idea for the material I'm going to get for the base because the material that I used for Stellar was thick and kind of stiff, so I guess I can use it and it looks like the material that's used to make Vampire Knight uniforms (according to Yas lol (not sure if I'm right on that one)) but yeah. I have an idea how to make it, as for the sleeves and skirt, I'm guessing it's a one piece..? I'll think about it later but yeah, I'll soon be Mao again.

Random note, I found the artbook of GAC two weekends ago and I was so sad that I didn't get it but I used my money on something more useful but man, I wanted it but I will, next time!! 83

Maora and Maguri wig test (Posted 22nd August 2009)

I posted it on dA, I thought I should upload a journal about it here as well since it's related to my Maora cosplay.

We took these pictures a while ago and somewhat forgot about them XD

I only remembered a few minutes ago and decided to put them together with the use of MS Paint 8DD
I always wanted to cosplay as Maora and his postman uniform, sorry spoiler *shot* This series needs more love 8D
I decided to wear one of my favourite dresses that I was meant to wear somewhere else, oh well! Yas and I were in Camden with Emma and Rob and found some camo shirts, win~