Costume :Daisuke Niwa
Variant :Winter School Uniform
Source :D.N.Angel
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo Oct 2009

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Costume Information

Almost 80% now, all I have to do is get the trousers.

I pulled Daisuke back into my plans for October expo because I felt really bad for pulling him back, since I would let my friend down, who is being Dark. So far, I got the shirt (that I borrowed from Yasmin), the wig (that was styled on sunday) and I have to get the trousers and it will be done. I plan to get Daisuke done before the end of this week >8D

[ EDIT.20.04.10 ]

Blehhhh :P
Not really finished completely because my trousers in the pictures are black *shot* Kind of hard finding red ones but I can go see in shops but I fail due to the lack of money ¬¬; Truth to be told, I don't know if I'll ever cosplay as him again...someday...like a year later XD


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To-Do List

Red wigHighComplete
Red shirtHighComplete
School shirtHighComplete
Red trousersHighPlanned


Wiggggggg 8D (Posted 21st October 2009)

Yasmin and I went to Camden Town to buy belts, which was a major pain because we couldn't find the right ones and some guy was being rude and annoying =__=
Besides that, I had enough money from Saturday and wanted to buy something and ended up buying a red wig, which isn't that bad for a part wig, the only thing wrong is that it's kind of thin. Yasmin did her very best to style it and it turned out great >w<

Hope you like ^^