Costume :Lightning
Source :Final Fantasy XIII
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Preparing to battle


Costume Information

Cost : ~100€
Awards : 5th best prestation at Japan Expo 2008
Time Taken : 2 months

I firstly seen a masquerade with an other cosplayer as Lightning. I loved her design immediatly, so after the convention, I just looked at the trailer because at this moment I dunno anything about the FFXIII series and here we are : I fall totally in love with FFXIII and Lightning. Even if we don't know anything about her I liked her. And now that we had more informations about her, I like her more than before. An independant woman, strong minded. Finally Square Enix broke the Japanese clicher with Lightning, who fight like any mens and prefer being alone for not have whiners at her feet.

That's the 2nd version of Lightning I post here. The first one is viewable on cosplay.com. (If it interest someone for laugh xD)

For Japan Expo 2008, I was in a wonderful group : a group of final fantasy girl only XD We won a prize for the 5th best prestation.


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