Costume :Benawi
Source :Utawarerumono
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Aya Revolution 2009

Costume Photos

Another photoshoot picture

Another photoshoot picture

one of the shots from Friday's Utawarerumono photoshoot

Posing for a friend at Aya on the Friday

full body pose sans armor

Full body pose with armor

Reference pic for wig styling, which is to be taken care of by Seph Wigs


Costume Information

This man is awesome, 'nuff said XD that's my reason for cosplaying him, right there. I suppose the part I found the easiest to make were the gauntlets and Greaves, Wonderflex is freaking awesome... it'd be even more awesome if it weren't so damned expensive >_>

the hard part, was well, pretty much all the fabric parts... well, the gloves weren't so much hard as fiddly and annoying >_< I think I spent the most amount of time making the cape, that thing took a long time, but, I wasn't using a sewing machine at that point, so that's probably why XP


Update - 01/09/09

I've added 3 new photos from the photoshoot that took place on the Friday ^_^



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it may look like there's a lot to do in the "To-Do List", and you might find yourself thinking that it's not finished, well, I will say that I was recognised as Benawi in the cosplay ^_^

by Ransi on Monday, 17 August, 2009 - 21:39

To-Do List

Increase length of GiMediumPlanned
Hem or line capeMediumPlanned
Fix the thumbs on the glovesMediumPlanned
Send wig to comissioner for stylingLowPlanned