Costume :Zidane Tribal
Variant :Trance
Source :Final Fantasy IX
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo Oct 2009

Costume Photos


Costume finished

Wig Finished

Costume, about 99% done

Chest Piece


The Ogre


Costume Information

Cost : ooo... fur £15, wig £25, rest i managed to scrounge for free
Time Taken : ummmm, lots of time an even more procrastination

So at Expo in May I was taken aback by a fantastic Trance Kuja cosplay, so much so that it got me playing FF9 again, after about half an hour or so i reached Zidane's first Trance mode and thought "THAT'S WHAT I MUST COSPLAY!!!!!!".

so about 2 months later I'm sitting here with about 2 months till expo planning my budget for uni and trying to find cheap places to buy material...

The Costume will be almost completely home made, apart from a few bit's of clothing i will be stiching fur onto... I've decided to go with the Original Zidane instead of Dissidia since i like the hair a bit more and it should be easy for me to style my hair as such and I will be going with "The OIgre" as my weapon of choice...


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*snigger* your pink and fluffy xD

Nah man :D i like the idea and love the shots :D
Cant wait to see you at expo

by JakeX on Friday, 23 October, 2009 - 12:32

To-Do List

The OgreHighComplete
Chest PieceMediumComplete
Arm CuffsLowComplete
Boot CoversLowComplete


my god, im done.... (Posted 23rd October 2009)

am with on;y 6 hours till I leave, talk about cutting it close...

ok, nearly done... (Posted 5th October 2009)

ok, still need to make slight adjustments to the chest piece and get one more layer onto the Sword so i can paint it, BUT i have ordered my wig, and if all goes well it should be here by the weekend, which means i can get styling.. lets just hope i got the right colour :P

so close, yet so far... (Posted 21st September 2009)

so about 4 and a half weeks till Expo and i'm almost done, a few size adjustments to be done plus the Wig and the sword, but with uni starting i'm onna have less and less time to work on this...

needs a sewing machine me thinks... (Posted 11th September 2009)

So it is 6 weeks till Expo and i'm about half done, but it seems I've hit a speed bump, everything I've down so far has been hand stitched but the shorts are looking pretty daunting to attempt by hand, thus i need a sewing machine, which i don't have...

other notes, need to find a chain to put in the tail to allow for realistic movement and need about 1 more layer of Paper Mache' on the Ogre before i start painting it